How do I Find Free Knitting Patterns?

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Free knitting patterns are actually very easy to find today. There are free projects available for both hand and machine knitters. A free knitting pattern may be found locally in your community or virtually on the Internet. These free patterns use many different types of yarn, are in designs that include clothing and home decor knitted items and can be found in various skill and ability levels.

Beginning knitters should look for free knitting patterns marked as easy or beginner. You can find giveaway patterns to make simpler knitted items such as scarves, shawls, dish cloths, baby booties, bibs, hats, slippers, hair accessories, and potholders if you type something like easy free knitting patterns into a search engine. The more different websites you click on and search through, the more patterns you can find. When you’ve gained skill in some of these items, or you already have experience knitting them, you can move on to easy sweaters and afghan blankets.

Intermediate level knitting patterns that require more difficult shaping and stitching techniques are also available for free on websites. You can find these by typing in phrases such as intermediate free knitting patterns into a search engine. Intermediate knitting projects include sweaters that require stitches like cables or lace or intricately worked multi-colored patterns. You can also find free intermediate patterns for knitted projects such as socks, baby outfits, dog sweaters and doll clothes.


Advanced knitters don’t have as many free patterns available to them as beginning and intermediate level knitters do. Most of the patterns from knitting groups and yarn companies target novice as well as intermediate knitters. Many experienced knitters create their own patterns or make intermediate patterns more difficult by using complex stitches. You can find some advanced free knitting patterns online by typing in terms such as free advanced knitting patterns,free patterns for expert knitters. Advanced knitters wanting to trade patterns could consider starting a club for expert knitters either online or in their area.

When shopping for yarn in local shops, you can look for yarn wrappers that feature a free knitting pattern when you buy the yarn. Online, you can check out knitting newsletters and blogs by knitters that often post patterns of projects they created as well as photographs of their finished patterns. Sites like this have hundreds of free knitting patterns available and many websites categorize the knitting projects into categories such as clothing, home décor items, holiday projects and more. You can find free knitting patterns that range from something as simple as a bookmark to a complicated piece of knitted clothing such as a coat.


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I remember growing up, our local library had free knitting patterns for blankets, sweaters, baby clothes, and just about anything else you could think of that you wanted to knit. You simply checked them out like library books.

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