How do I Find Free Crochet Patterns?

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Free crochet patterns provide detailed instructions about how to create a wide range of crocheted items, ranging from clothing to household items. Crochet is a weaving method that requires one needle with a hook on the end to weave cotton thread or yarn into a finished product. Crocheting is considered a craft in North America, but is still a primary method of creating clothing in the non-industrialized world.

There are four places to obtain free crochet patterns: libraries, magazines, crochet groups and the Internet. A crochet pattern is usually two to ten pages long and provides a list of requirements, an image of the finished product and systematic instructions. The patterns are often rated according to the level of difficulty to help customers when selecting the best pattern to complete.

Libraries are a great source of free crochet patterns. Most libraries are part of a larger association of other libraries and can arrange for materials to be shipped to your branch. This type of request is called an inter-library loan. Search for crochet pattern books in the arts and crafts section.

Crochet magazines often include at least two free crochet patterns. The difficulty level varies between the different magazines, and the patterns provided may feature a specific style or technique. Free magazines are also available in the craft store where you buy your crochet supplies. Look for free magazine subscriptions in your crochet supplies or in the back of a crochet pattern book.


Join a local crochet group. These groups meet regularly to share patterns, learn new techniques, and socialize. It is a great way to meet other people who share your interest in crochet and expand your skills at the same time.

The Internet is a great way to bring together people with a shared interest. Look for crochet groups that encourage members to trade patterns. Free crochet patterns are often sent between members, along with encouragement, tips, and review of the pattern.

Crochet pattern publishing companies are often looking for pattern testers. Contact several companies and offer to review patterns. They will ask to see samples of your crochet work to determine your skill level. Once accepted, they will send you free patterns for you to complete. The company will require a report on the pattern instructions and any errors or omissions.

This type of crochet work requires an experienced crochet craftsperson with an eye for detail. It can be a lot of fun, provides a small amount of remuneration and a source of a great many free crochet patterns. Once you have obtained this type of position, you will have access to a wide range of free patterns.


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Post 3

If you have friends that love to crochet, you will have no trouble finding free crochet patterns. Not only will you get a free pattern, but you will also have help for questions and will probably even be able to see what the completed project looks like.

Once you begin to crochet, it seems like you just start accumulating patterns so there is never a lack for free patterns. The hardest part is deciding which one to try first.

Of all the free easy crochet patterns I have seen, I think the easiest ones to learn are how to make a scarf. The stitches are simple and it doesn't take long to start seeing the results.

Post 2

The internet is full of websites that offer free patterns. If you are just learning, finding free beginner crochet patterns is nice so you are not out a lot of money to see if this is something that you are going to enjoy doing.

I have found several crochet and knitting blogs that share many free patterns. Another thing I have found helpful is watching YouTube videos on how to make the stitches. Reading a pattern is helpful, but for me, watching someone actually doing it is even better.

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