How do I Find a Good English Tutor?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

Learning all of the rules and regulations of the English language is not always easy, especially if a child or adult's natural aptitudes lean towards math or science. Parents or returning adult students may find themselves in need of a good English tutor to provide some insight and encouragement. How does one find such a qualified English tutor? One might only be a phone call or email away, or right in a student's own classroom. An English tutor may work independently or under the auspices of a learning center or English department.

A person looking for a English tutor might try putting an ad in the local newspaper.
A person looking for a English tutor might try putting an ad in the local newspaper.

One way to find a qualified English tutor is to place a classified ad in local newspapers. In the ad copy itself, include a brief description of the student's grade level or course name. If there are extenuating circumstances, it might be best to mention them as well. A sample classified ad could read "English tutor needed for fourth grade child with special needs..." or "English tutor wanted for local ENG 102 adult student with limited transportation...". The ad should end with full contact information. Anticipate screening several applicants before finding the ideal English tutor.

Tutoring services are often available from professional learning centers, schools, and local colleges.
Tutoring services are often available from professional learning centers, schools, and local colleges.

Another source for a good English tutor is the student's school or college English department. Many instructors may be willing to provide private English tutoring to supplement their incomes. Even if your child's regular teacher does not have spare time available, he or she may know of others who do, such as teachers' aides or certified substitute teachers. A college English department may sponsor a campus tutoring service for math and English students. Some colleges maintain a list of peer-to-peer tutors available off-campus.

There are professional learning centers that specialize in matching a qualified English tutor with the right student. These services can be expensive for parents, but they provide intensive one-on-one attention for students who face the possibility of repeating a grade. Even some larger churches provide tutoring services as part of an after-school ministerial program. Social organizations such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters may retain the services of an English tutor for after-school programs of their own. Adult students may find a qualified English tutor by contacting a local Learn to Read or adult literacy organization.

English tutors may help improve written grammar.
English tutors may help improve written grammar.
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

A regular wiseGEEK contributor, Michael enjoys doing research in order to satisfy his wide-ranging curiosity about a variety of arcane topics. Before becoming a professional writer, Michael worked as an English tutor, poet, voice-over artist, and DJ.

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Many people find tutors through free websites.

These sites have many English tutors, but some people are wary of find unqualified tutors. Generally, many students take a trial lesson with tutors they meet online and decide whether or not to continue their classes later. It is important to be comfortable and confident in your tutor's abilities.


Mutsy- I just want to add that Rosetta Stone provides online support for many of its language programs for an additional charge. This is a great online English tutor program. It is an immersion program in which the student learns by assimilation. There are six levels in the program and the entire English language set retails for almost $600.

The program is very interactive and builds knowledge in the language by beginning with pictures and later eliminating the pictures and then having the student remember the phrase and write it on the computer.

The program also provides a voice assessment and grades it in comparison to what a native speaker would sound like.

For those that speak the language but need help with other aspects of the English language such as writing and composition, a site called Brave writer might help.

It is an intense writing program geared toward the home school students, but anyone can enroll. There are writing topics along with critiques that help the writing student produce higher quality content.


SurNturf- I agree with you, as a matter of fact my daughter’s elementary school teacher was also an English language tutor.

She worked as a English home tutor working out of her home. Her clients were usually previous students that still needed help with English grammar as well as composition and essay writing.

She would usually charge $35 per hour. She now has a thriving business and even left her position at my daughter’s school to expand her at home tutoring business.


I just want to add that sometimes elementary school teachers also provide private tutoring for children. Many times the school itself will offer English grammar tutors for children that need extra help.

Other times a teacher may have a private tutoring business or may take on your child for private tutoring lessons.

This situation is ideal because the child already has a comfort level with the teacher which will make the tutoring sessions more effective. Teachers often act as a spoken English tutor as well to help students in which English is their second language.

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