How do I Evaluate Landscaping Ideas?

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There are two major areas to consider when evaluating landscaping ideas. The landscape plans must be suitable for the lifestyle of the individual or family who will be using the space every day. The landscape design must also be suitable for the terrain and growing conditions of the site. Many wonderful landscaping ideas are available, but if these two criteria are not considered before any changes are made, the family will probably not be happy with the results.

When using lifestyle criteria to evaluate landscaping ideas, ask how the residents will use the space. Will young children play in the yard? If so, space must be allotted for swings and climbing equipment, and it might be necessary to fence the area to protect the children from traffic. Do family and friends play outdoor games on the lawn? Then landscaping ideas should include a large area of grass, and plantings should be restricted to the edges of the yard.

Does the family like to eat outdoors, barbecue, or enjoy an open fire? Appropriate structures and footing should be included in the landscape design. Is the yard mainly a place to relax and enjoy fresh air? Consider landscaping ideas that include carefully placed seating areas.


How much work will be necessary to maintain the plantings in the landscaping ideas being developed? If the owners love gardening, the answer to that question doesn’t matter. If not, they should either choose low-care plantings or be prepared to hire gardeners to maintain the landscape design. Older gardeners will find it easier to care for landscaping that includes raised beds and shrubberies.

What kind of garden style do the owners think is beautiful? People who crave an English cottage garden are unlikely to be happy with a Japanese garden, and vice versa. The aesthetic appeal of landscaping ideas is very individual.

What kind of terrain should be incorporated into the landscaping ideas? In the days of the great landscape gardens, landowners moved villages and diverted streams to sculpt the terrain and create the garden of their dreams, but most homeowners do not have that option. Any variations in level should be included in the landscape plans and considered carefully for aesthetic potential. Creating a higher point with a berm is a relatively easy gardening idea.

What growing conditions will influence the landscaping ideas? Every plant has a set of requirements that will give the best growth. Is the space sunny or shady? Wet or dry? Is the soil acidic or alkaline? How cold are the winters? A good landscape design chooses plants that will thrive on the site.

The best landscaping ideas are often a compromise. When the owners’ lifestyle and aesthetic preferences are matched with the possibilities offered by the site while the garden is still in the planning stages, a satisfying landscape design will be the result.


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Post 3

BrickBack-They can also create a tropical theme or desert landscaping ideas if the climate calls for it. If you decide to go with a professional landscape designer or landscape architect you have to decide if you want them involved in the design only or the installation and maintenance phases as well.

If you hire these professionals they will always provide you with the design, but other people do the installation that the landscape designer or landscape architect subcontracts them to do.

You can also hire the landscaper to maintain your landscaping for you for a set monthly fee. They can also offer you privacy landscaping ideas so that your home feels protected.

Post 2

SauteePan-I wanted to add that a landscape designer can also create a design for you on paper that tells you exactly which plants to use as well as where to place the plants, and how much the supplies will cost.

This can save you a lot of money if the project is small and you are just looking to spruce up the entrance to your home.

A landscape designer is not licensed like a landscape architect is. This is why a landscape designer might be cheaper to deal with.

However, if you need a complete overhaul of your landscaping and need everything from yard landscaping ideas which include pool landscaping ideas and possible irrigation and waterfall installation to garden landscaping ideas then go with the landscape architect.

Post 1

The best thing to do when looking for landscaping ideas for your home it to look at magazines like Better Homes and Garden and take pictures of designs that are visually appealing to you.

This can be easily done if you are looking for front yard landscaping ideas. If you drive around various upscale neighborhoods, you can take pictures that you can refer to later and compare.

Of course the design that you like may not necessarily work with your lawn because the design has to do with the condition of the soil,and the types of plants that work for your space.

You can also interview a landscape designer that can show you pictures of his portfolio

to see if these landscaping ideas pictures appeal to you.

If you go to your nearest nursery, you should be able to get a referral for a few landscape designers.They also might be able to provide free landscaping ideas based on the plants that you like.

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