How do I Encourage Fingernail Growth?

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There are several ways you can help encourage fingernail growth. Many of them are things you should be doing anyway, but if you have gotten off track, now is a good time to get back on. Others have more to do with the nails directly.

First, fingernail growth partially depends on your lifestyle and overall health. If you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water, this will prevent anything from hindering your nails from growing. Additionally, brittle nails, discolored nails, and ridged or spotty nails can all be signs of underlying conditions. Anything from iron deficiencies to nail fungus can be discovered by looking at your fingernails.

Next, make sure you keep your nails clean and make sure to dry them thoroughly after each hand-washing. Both techniques encourage fingernail growth and help prevent infection beneath the nail bed. If you will be doing something that may get your nails extra dirty, like gardening, wear gloves and clean them carefully with a nail brush.

You should also consider using lotion on your nails daily. If you already have a daily hand moisturizing routine, this should be no problem. There are lotions on the market made specifically for nails, but there is no real benefits for fingernail growth obtained by using these products. Your everyday hand lotion will work just as well at keeping your nails and cuticles moist and strong.


The use of green tea has also proven beneficial for fingernail growth, because it provides them with a host of vitamins and minerals. Get your daily dose by drinking green tea once or twice a day, and soaking your nails in it once a week. You can also purchase green tea-infused polish, or use essential oils to rub on your nails a few times a week.

Be sure to use a base coat when using polish, as it will help protect the nails. Always file in one direction to prevent tearing, and push cuticles back regularly. Do not cut your cuticles. You may also try using a base coat only to discourage yourself from biting your nails. If nailbiting is a problem, find constructive ways to distract yourself whenever you feel anxious or bored.

Remember, your nails need the same care and attention any other part of your body needs to maintain optimum health and appearance. If you have tried all the techniques listed above and still do not notice a change in the growth of your nails, consult your doctor about a possible infection or underlying condition. A nail fungus could be to blame.


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Post 3

I noticed a difference in the strength of my nails when I added a B complex vitamin to my diet. I began taking this for some increased energy, but after a couple months noticed it also made a difference in my finger nails.

I used to have very soft nails that would never get very long. After adding the B vitamins my nails were much stronger and I was able to let them grow longer than I had before.

Post 2

I never think much about how fast my fingernails grow until I break one off that is clear down at the base of the nail. There is not much you can do at this point except wait for it to grow out. This is when I realize how slow they seem to grow.

Certain vitamins can be good for fingernail growth. Making sure you get enough Calcium is one of the most important things. I don't know if it makes a difference in how fast they grow, but it really helps them be strong so they are not as easy to break.

Post 1

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle are important factors in the health of your fingernails. They are made up of protein, so making sure that you get enough protein in your diet can help with your fingernail growth.

If you are right handed, the fingernail growth rate on your right hand is usually a little faster than that on your left hand. The opposite is true if you are left handed. Your fingernails will also grow a little bit faster depending on what time of year it is. They are known to grow faster in the summer than any other time of year.

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