How do I Develop the Best Bodybuilding Chest?

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Weightlifting is an exercise program designed to increase both the strength and size of an athlete. The male bodybuilder is typically more concerned on the physique of the upper body. There are many exercise programs designed to promote a bodybuilding chest. These programs should focus on all angles of chest development to give an isometric appearance.

The chest muscles are known as the pectorals. These muscles run across the rib cage, forming a fan shape. To build a bodybuilding chest the weightlifter should work on three angles of development. These are the upper, mid and lower angle of the pectorals. There are many weightlifting exercises designed for specific chest development areas.

The bench press is fundamental chest exercise. It is an good general chest exercise that is designed to focus on the entire chest area. When working on a bodybuilding chest, it is important to include the bench press with other mid area chest exercises. Examples of mid area exercises include the dumbbell fly's, pectoral deck fly's, narrow grip bench press, wide grip bench press with basic push ups.


The upper chest area gives a superhero appearance for the athlete. The incline bench is an excellent upper angle exercise for chest development. Many exercises can be performed in an incline position to assist with this upper angle development. All incline press exercises focus on the upper pectoral area of the chest muscles. These include incline bench press, incline dumbbell presses, cable fly's and standing dumbbell raises.

Chest development should also include exercises designed for lower pectorals. By developing these muscle groups the bodybuilder gives the chest a more isometric look. Good exercises for lower chest development include decline bench presses, decline dumbbell presses, and high cable crossovers.

Developing a bodybuilding chest requires focus on the fundamentals with attention to angle exercises. All bodybuilding programs should include a mixture of both isolation exercise and compound exercise. Additionally, exercise routines should be changed every six weeks. This helps with muscle growth. A good chest routine should include a mixture of two or three exercises per angle group, per week.

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires attention to diet, exercise, and rest. An athlete who aspires to develop a bodybuilding chest should include proper diet and rest between exercise routines. His diet should be a comprehensive mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals with plenty of water. Water is the secret ingredient to any bodybuilder's exercise program as it is the primary factor for assisting in muscle growth and recovery.


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