How do I Develop the Best Bodybuilding Biceps?

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Bodybuilding is a style of weightlifting designed to create the ultimate isometric body. Effective bodybuilding requires dedication to schedule and style over a long period of time. Developing bodybuilding biceps requires a mix of compound exercises with isolation exercises in conjunction with cycling phases of high-intensity routines to stimulate muscle growth.

The bicep muscle is located on the upper arm and is typically the most popular muscle for training. This muscle is one of the smaller muscles in the human body and should be trained with specific isolation and compound exercises. To obtain bodybuilding biceps a program should be used that generates both width and height on the bicep head. This gives the arm both mass and definition.

Compound weightlifting exercises are designed to use more then one joint movement to complete the lift. These exercises allow the bodybuilder to lift more weight and burn more muscle fiber, which generates more muscle mass. To build the best bodybuilding biceps include the compound exercises of standing barbell curls, chin ups, and cable rows in the bicep routine.

Isolation weightlifting exercises are designed to focus on one joint movement, which typically helps with definition. Isolation exercises should be performed after compound exercise. Some of the best isolation exercise for creating bodybuilding biceps are preacher curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, and seated dumbbell curls.


A super set is a high-intensity weightlifting routine. Any good bicep program should include cycles of super sets within the week. A super set is an exercise that requires two exercises simultaneously performed without a rest in between. One of the best bicep super set exercises is the "21 bicep exercise."

A 21 bicep exercise is performed with seven reps to halfway up position followed by seven reps from the top to the halfway down point and finally seven full bicep curls. This exercise should be performed in two sets. It is typically a good finishing exercise for a bicep routine.

Bodybuilding requires dedication to a specific program but it also requires cycling phases. The body quickly adapts to weightlifting programs, which causes a plateau effect on growth. To counter this effect the bodybuilder should change the exercise routine on six-week intervals. This creates additional stimulus for muscle fibers and reduces the plateau effect. Additionally, bodybuilders should attempt to increase weight lifted every third week of a cycle.

Bodybuilding nutrition is one of the most critical elements for growing massive biceps. A bodybuilder needs to follow a strict bodybuilding food diet. This includes sufficient water, protein, carbohydrates, and minerals. The bodybuilder is an athlete who attempts perfection with his physique. To obtain bodybuilding biceps a practitioner needs to focus on exercise, nutrition, and quality rest between workouts.


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