How Do I Decrease Estrogen?

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Estrogen is a natural hormone that is vitally important to the female reproductive system. If the body begins to produce too much estrogen, however, negative health effects may occur. When this hormone is present in too high of amounts, it is important to find safe and effective ways to decrease estrogen levels. Some doctors may recommend hormone replacement therapy to do this. Women who prefer a more natural approach or who are medically unable to use hormone replacement therapy can often lower their estrogen levels by making a few dietary or lifestyle changes.

Dietary changes and lifestyle modification are often the first recommendations to those who wish to decrease estrogen levels. Lifestyle modifications such as increasing the amount of exercise are also important. Before making any of these changes, it is important to consult with a doctor and have blood tests performed in order to confirm that estrogen levels are too high. Periodic testing may be recommended in order to monitor estrogen levels over time.


Limiting the amount of dairy products consumed may also help lower estrogen levels. Milk that is obtained from pregnant cows often contains high levels of this hormone. Some pesticides may increase estrogen levels as well, so eating organic fruits and vegetables when possible may also be beneficial. High-fiber foods such as cabbage and broccoli may help the body to block out some of the more harmful forms of estrogen, so adding these foods to the diet may be wise. Whole grains also add fiber to the diet and are believed to help decrease estrogen levels.

Lowering fat intake can help to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. At the same time, it is important for overall health that enough healthy fats are consumed. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in several types of fish and are very important for overall health. Water intake may need to be increased in order to help the body flush out any extra estrogen.

In some cases, lifestyle modification and dietary changes are not sufficient to decrease estrogen to a healthy level. Doctors may then recommend treatment with hormone replacement therapy. Creams, patches, or oral medications may be used to treat this issue, and periodic blood tests are often required to make sure that the hormone levels remain stable. Any questions or concerns about how to safely decrease estrogen levels on an individual basis should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.


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Post 3

@burcinc-- Do you have a stressful lifestyle?

If you do, I recommend reducing stress levels first. Stress has been shown to result in excessive production of estrogen. This may also lead to anxiety, mood changes and metabolic issues. I too had high estrogen levels several years ago. My job was very stressful at the time. After I switched jobs and my stress went down, my estrogen levels returned to normal.

I realize that there may be different reasons for this problem and reducing stress along may not resolve it for everyone. But I think it will still help. So try to take it easy, eat healthy, spend time in nature and try not to think too much.

Post 2

I've jut been diagnosed with estrogen dominance. My estrogen levels are too high. My doctor wants to run a few more tests, so I'm not sure what my treatment will be. I just hope treatment is possible.

Post 1

I'm not a doctor but as far as I know, estrogen and progesterone are partners and if one is imbalanced, the other one is usually imbalanced as well. So one way to re-balance estrogen in the body might be to check progesterone levels and fix those levels first. Estrogen levels may regulate on their own.

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