How Do I Decorate with Pottery?

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Pottery is a versatile decorative accessory because it is available in countless styles, colors and shapes. Pieces can range from simple bowls and vases to ornate figurines and statues. Whether used as individual showpieces or grouped together, pottery can add color, intrigue and atmosphere to your home, garden and patio.

Utilitarian pottery pieces include bowls, cups and vases, and they can be used as decorative pieces as well. For items available in abundance, such as plates or teapots, using repetition can create visual appeal. Place many identical-sized or colored vases on shelves, windowsills or ledges to create a dramatic effect. As long as your pottery pieces have some form of similarity, they can be used to create a repetitive effect. For example, vases of varying heights that are the same color or style can be displayed for repetitive impact.

Animals are often depicted in pottery pieces, and these figurines can be used individually or grouped for more impact. Animal pottery figurines of similar or different species can be used to help create a zoo, jungle or outdoor look in a room. Very small animal figurines can be placed on shelves or in curio cabinets, while larger animal pieces can be freestanding on tables and floors.


Pottery figurines of people can be used to create dramatic or whimsical vignettes. A pottery baker can add flair to a kitchen, while a group of people statues peering from a bathroom shelf can create humor. People figurines are available depicting many professions, hobbies and eras and are a good accent to help complete a decorating theme. Tall people figurines can also serve double duty as useful objects. A figurine with a stick or bar can serve as a towel rack, and a figurine with a flat surface can serve as a side table or plant stand.

Choose Native American and Mexican pottery to create a Southwestern atmosphere in a room. Use various sizes and shapes of flower pots placed on shelves, the floor or hung from the ceiling. For more of a Western theme, choose items depicting horses, ranch animals or Indians.

Garden art objects, such as bird baths and fountains, are often made from pottery and can be used to decorate both the inside and outside of your home. Fire pits are also useful and decorative accessories for outdoor areas. Odd-shaped pieces, such as those with uneven or rounded bottoms, can be placed in wire racks of varying heights to create interest in a room or on a patio.


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