How Do I Decorate a Tree House?

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Kids who grew up playing in a tree house may have painted it, hung posters or filled it with durable castoffs from home. A room built in an arboreal setting can be as simple as a children’s hangout or an elaborate home addition. With any type of tree house, safety will be a major consideration.

A kids’ tree house is generally a boxlike structure built into a platform on the tree or as a freestanding unit. Most are made of wood, but the lumber should not be treated with toxic materials. Some inside flooring might be desired. Outdoor carpet or a piece of vinyl or laminate will stand up to weather, should there be any leaks.

Paint is the most economical way to decorate a tree house. You can choose a theme that blends in with the yard and house or one with bright, exciting colors. Inside, chalkboard paint allows youngsters to write and draw on the walls. Kids can help with the painting and initial design to make the space their own. Holiday decorations and lights can be added so the family can enjoy the house even when the weather is cold.


Easy care vinyl beanbag chairs are great for lounging in a tree house. The malleable nature of beanbags makes it simple to push them through a trapdoor. Any furniture, curtains, and other fabric treatments in the structure should be able to handle extreme temperatures and humidity. If fabrics become moldy, they may need to be discarded.

For a kids’ area, a pirate theme is a fun way to decorate the tree house. An old toy box painted like a treasure chest makes a fine catchall for comics, toys or secret treasures they may wish to store in their hideout. Hang or paint seashells, anchors and fish on the walls for a sea-going atmosphere.

Tree house additions are sometimes built for adults as added office space or an extra bedroom. You may choose decorations that match the rest of the house while enhancing the arboreal nature of the addition. Some hotels and bed and breakfasts have done this when there are mature trees in the landscaping. Delicate fabric for curtains lets in light and air, and a simple theme with natural colors allows the novelty of tree dwelling to take the spotlight.

Safety is of primary importance when using a tree house. Fasten ladders securely and inspect walkways often for loosening or decay that could cause accidents. Windowpanes in a child’s structure should be plastic, not glass. Ropes, netting, and other items that could be strangulation or hanging hazards should be safely installed or not used. Choose holiday lights specified for outdoor use and regularly check for shorts and frayed cords.


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