How Do I Create an Organizational Culture Survey?

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The first step toward creating an organizational culture survey is to define what the survey is all about. The survey must have a purpose so as to give an indication of the scope and focus of the survey. This is because an organizational culture survey could either focus on one or two aspects of an organizational culture, or it could focus on the entire corporate culture in place in the organization. The purpose of the survey may be to address a certain imbalance in the corporate culture. Examples of such an imbalance could be a perceived inequality between men and women in the organization or a perceived marginalization of minorities. The survey could also have other purposes, such as increasing employee productivity and increasing profits.


Once the goal or goals of the survey have been established, the next step is to design a questionnaire that is based on the goal or goals of the organizational culture survey. The survey may be carried out the organization itself or by an independent company, which specializes in conducting surveys. The process may be initiated by distributing paper surveys to employees, asking them questions, or asking them to provide anonymous feedback online. Each company has its own method of constructing a survey questionnaire; it may have several sections and subsections. These sections may address issues like the company mission and the leadership. Employees may be asked questions about the organization’s mission and motto. They may also be asked to rate the leadership of the corporation, which includes the CEO, managers, supervisors, department heads and other people in positions of authority.

Other questions in the organizational culture survey may include an assessment of the knowledge or opinion of the employees regarding the company’s values and the corporate culture in the organization. This will give the management of the company the opportunity to find out if the employees understand the company’s goals, and also, if they all have the same understanding about the company’s corporate culture. While constructing the survey, other areas of concentration might include the opinion of the employees regarding the work itself and how they feel about working for the company. They may be asked to describe some of their duties and to state any type of career development they may require. At the end of the organizational culture survey, the employees will be given the opportunity to leave comments about how they think the company can improve.


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