How do I Create an Online Curriculum Vitae?

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To create an online curriculum vitae (CV) you should first create your CV, or at least a rough draft of it, on paper and then use an Internet site to create and host your CV online. You can host your CV online in a number of ways, though you should either create your own website or use an online CV service to help you create and host it. Once you establish the website for your online curriculum vitae, then you can create your CV and choose various interactive features to make it more visually impressive.

An online curriculum vitae is a website used to show off the information typically found on a hard copy or digital copy of a CV. This information is often similar to what is included on a standard résumé, though often with greater detail and of somewhat increased length. To create an online curriculum vitae, you should begin by creating a hard copy of your CV, or at least make an outline or rough draft. This allows you to more easily edit the information you wish to include before dealing with computer code or Internet scripting.


Once you have the information you wish to use on your online curriculum vitae, you can create your CV online. You should either create your CV and host it on your own website or utilize a service that provides host space for a CV you create on another site. Both options have potential advantages and drawbacks, and you should consider what might work best for you.

Hosting your own online curriculum vitae can provide you with greater features for your CV and allow you to show off computer skills you may have. This can potentially be more expensive and may be more difficult if you do not have much experience with website design. Also, your CV will not necessarily be part of a larger professional network. Using a hosting site or service for your online curriculum vitae can be easier and may require less coding and scripting; these sites are often part of a large network which can provide greater visibility for your CV. You may have fewer options for your CV design when using a host site, however, than when you create and host your own CV.

Regardless of which method you choose for creation and hosting, once you have your online curriculum vitae established, then you can modify and personalize it using the tools provided for you. You should be sure to emphasize your professional strengths and utilize formatting similar to a hard copy of a CV, while taking advantage of organizational and interactive options provided by a digital format. Ultimately, however, you should ensure your CV is easy to read and navigate, and provide links to your online CV whenever you inquire about a potential employment opportunity.


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