How do I Create a Healthy Work Environment?

Sheri Cyprus

The best way to create a healthy work environment is with a holistic, or thorough, approach. There are different kinds of health, such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. An overall healthy workplace environment that is respectful of all workers is not easy to achieve in many cases, but creating company practices and policies in support of it can help.

Minor injuries are common in the workplace.
Minor injuries are common in the workplace.

Spiritual growth in the workplace can bring a sense of meaningfulness and mindfulness that is often seen in a respectful business environment. Workplace spirituality should not be confused with religion, but rather the consciousness of being authentic, reflective, considerate and compassionate. Spiritual growth on the job is also often said to relate to the soul, such as a person feeling like her career is right for her. By encouraging qualities such as compassion and sincerity in employees as well as career development activities, a healthy work environment in terms of spiritual growth may be formed.

A healthy work environment can include encouraging a sense of equality and respect among employees.
A healthy work environment can include encouraging a sense of equality and respect among employees.

Emotional considerations should also be made in order to have a fully healthy work environment. This doesn't mean hand-holding in the sense of giving in to every little complaint or demand a worker has, but rather to have and uphold a company policy of treating everyone with respect no matter their rank or position. You could have a "no bullying" workplace policy and show that the company is serious by having guest speakers and pamphlets on the topic. When workers' feelings are respected, such as being appreciated for the job they do in the company, it can also help a business retain employees and enjoy a lower turnover rate.

Mental growth in the workplace can help keep people learning new skills rather than stagnating in their position, which may cause many to want to seek a job elsewhere. Enacting a company policy to promote workers from within before advertising outside the business for job openings in supervisory or management positions can do a lot to create a healthy work environment in terms of mental growth. Paying for workers' education for courses that relate to their jobs can benefit the company as well as improve the overall knowledge of employees.

Physical safety is something that must be handled carefully and responsibly by any kind of company. To help ensure a safe, healthy workplace to reduce employee injuries as much as possible, you should follow all safety laws, requirements and regulations. Even if your industry doesn't involve working with potentially dangerous equipment, making your workplace have zero tolerance for violence or threats is important; this behavior should be grounds for immediate dismissal. You should make it be known to all employees that the goal of your company is a completely healthy work environment.

Employees who act hostile toward others should be warned or fired.
Employees who act hostile toward others should be warned or fired.

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I agree that wellness in the workplace is important, but is it realistic? In our competitive world, people are expected to do well and excel, and any form of negligence or small-time social chit-chat may be punished. This rigid competitive environment is not good for personal psychology, but makes good money. Unless our economy encounters a radical shift in ideals, it will always hold money as the primary goal, over and against any wellness, family values, or spirituality.


I think that "spiritual growth" in the workplace can take a variety of forms. Of course, overarching legal issues keep a business running smoothly, but sometimes, even higher spiritual issues make people want to perform well and care about each other. These ideals transcend a desire for money and promotion, but often cause monetary well-being. The main focus, however, is general wellness, both in the workplace and out of it. Since most of many people's waking time is spent working, it is important to pursue wellness in the workplace.


Workplace motivation and creativity is probably the most important thing fostered by a good work environment. Workers are productive when they know that they have a place where their ideas and tasks will be recognized and respected on a daily basis. When this environment deteriorates, people feel like leaving, and only stay because of money.


It seems that being kind but firm is an important way to foster a healthy work environment. Establishing rules and then abiding by them shows that you are serious, as does showing that you expect and encourage good behavior. If you are overly angry at people for not abiding by the code of behavior and keeping a good work environment, this can have negative effects in the form of a backlash. It's good to pursue the happy medium.

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