How do I Convert VHS to DVD?

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Video Home System (VHS) tapes have become nearly obsolete in the world of Digital Video Disks (DVD). Since VHS tapes were the most popular recording format in the 1980s, it is the format that most home videos from that time period can be found on. Many families are now looking to convert VHS to DVD to preserve their home videos. There are several methods used for this conversion.

The easiest way to convert VHS to DVD is through the use of a standalone DVD recorder. These devices function much like the double video cassette recorder (VCR) did in its day. A VHS tape plays on one side of the machine while a DVD burner records the video real time on the other side. This method allows for no additional editing, so it is only a good option for those who want their videos recorded in their current form. This is the only method that does not require the use of a DVD recorder drive on a computer.


For those looking for a way to convert VHS to DVD that requires no additional hardware purchases, their video camera can serve as a liaison between the VCR and computer. Once the VCR and camera are connected, the VHS can be played through the camera and recorded into digital format. If using a Mini DVD disk, the new disk can be put right into the computer's disk drive. If using MiniDV or other non-disk format, the camera can be connected to the computer using the cables and software provided by the camera manufacturer.

Alternatively, a black box can be used in place of the camera. This is a connector between the VCR and computer. The VCR plugs into the black box on one side, and the computer on the other. The black box works with software to convert the VHS to digital form as it plays through the computer. Black boxes come with editing software, so this method is best for those who want to do mild editing without spending a fortune.

For those who want the highest quality video and don't mind spending a few dollars to do it, an internal capture card is the best way to convert VHS to DVD. The VCR is plugged directly into the computer and the user has choices about which format they would like to record the VHS in. Some users prefer to transfer it into Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) format, while others appreciate the quality of Motion Picture Experts Group 2 (MPEG-2). Either way, the greatest flexibility of editing is available with an internal capture card.

There are companies who will do the job for a fee. Many will even restore tapes that have been molded over and retrieve video that was thought lost.If a consumer finds that the technology available is too complicated to deal with, this is great alternative option to convert VHS to DVD.


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Post 4

Wow, I didn't know there were services that could convert VHS videos to DVD, even if the VHS video has some damage. I wish I would have known this before. I have thrown out a few VHS tapes that I thought were destroyed.

At least I'll know, if it ever happens again. I would be sad to lose any more home movies.

Post 3

Thank you so much for this information. I have so many VHS tapes from when my kids were young. With VCR's being so out of date, I was worried that those memories would eventually be lost to me forever.

I'm ecstatic that I will be able to convert VHS movies to DVD. It would have been a terrible loss to me, if they day came when I couldn't put a movie on and see the faces of my children when they were young. To me, this is priceless.

Post 2

I'm glad that there are companies that will convert VHS tapes to DVD for you. I'm really bad with stuff like this, and I don't mind paying someone else to do it for me.

It's worth is if my families memories are preserved. I'm afraid I would just mess it up.

Post 1

if you have no clear about how to convert VHS to DVD. Follow these guidelines, please.

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