How do I Convert a PDF to eBook Format?

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In order to effectively convert from PDF to eBook format you will typically need to download and use some type of third-party program that can perform the conversion for you. The program you choose will usually depend on the specific eBook format file you want to convert to, and different readers can read different types of files. This means that before you try to convert from PDF to eBook format of any kind, you should determine what types of file formats your reader can utilize. You can then look for a conversion program that will allow you to import a PDF and export or convert to the appropriate file type.

Before you try to convert from PDF to eBook formats, you should be aware of the different file types typically used on portable eBook readers. PDF is a file format that allows both text and images to be stored in a way that is reliable and easy to use in a number of different applications. The vast majority of eBook readers are able to read PDF format files, though older PDFs may not be formatted properly to display accurately on a reader. If you are using an eBook reader that cannot read PDFs or you have an older PDF that you need to convert to properly display on your reader, then you may want to convert from PDF to eBook format.


There is almost no single eBook format that all types of eBook readers are able to properly read and display. The exception to this, however, is that pretty much all eBook readers are able to display files saved as a plain text format, or “.txt” file type. This means that if you find a program to convert PDF to eBook format that can convert into a plain text file, then you can convert to a plain text format and easily read the document on your eBook.

Any type of conversion typically requires a program specifically created to perform such a conversion. There are a number of programs to choose from, and you should begin by determining what file types your eBook reader can display. This information is fairly easy to find on a number of different websites. You can then look for a program that can convert from PDF to eBook formats your reader can use. These programs are typically easy to use; you simply open or import the original document, convert or export to the new file type, and then upload the new file to your reader.


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Post 3

@ninetydegree - pdf ebooks were just the first step in the evolving world of electronic literature. Enhanced books are the next step in the evolution of ebooks.

They come with video and audio links for a 'richer' experience. I'm sure we'll end up with some kind of marketing/advertising along with it. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Post 2

Free pdf ebook software is available and for the most part is easy to use with step by step tutorials.

What I want to know is, what are "enhanced books" and how do you create one?

Post 1

Keep in mind this might not always be possible because some PDF books or documents are scanned as images and not converted to text in the process. As far as I know there needs to be actual text in order for it to be converted to eBook format. There might be a way to work around this, I'm not sure.

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