How do I Come up with Scrapbook Titles?

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Most people build and keep scrapbooks so they can preserve memories. Some people go through a phase and they make a single scrapbook and never make anymore. For other people, it is an ongoing hobby, meaning they have many scrapbooks. You may be one of those people and you may have realized that the more you get, the more difficult it can be to name them. There are several ways to develop good scrapbook titles, such as using the occasion, the year, or people’s names.

Sometimes a title does not give much indication of what a book is about. This can be good in some instances because it can generate interest. If you have numerous scrapbooks, however, you may want to make the scrapbook titles indicative of the contents so you can easily identify which memories you have placed where. You may also want to consider making your scrapbook titles obvious so generations to come can readily identify what each one is about.

Using the occasion or event in the title can allow you to do this. For example, memories from a honeymoon could be contained in a scrapbook titled “Our Honeymoon.” There may be instances where you have a scrapbook that is not limited to a particular event, but instead, it may cover a particular span of time. In these instances, you may want to base the scrapbook titles on dates. Examples could include titles such as “Memories of 09” or “The Good and Bad of 2010.”


If you have several scrapbooks that pertain to a single theme, it can be difficult to find a new name for each one and it may be unnecessary. It is probably simpler and more efficient to make volumes, which will provide you with a system of chronological order for a given theme. For example you may have “The Good and Bad of 2010" Vol. I, Vol. II, and Vol. III.

You can also use people to inspire your scrapbook titles. If you make scrapbooks based on certain people or the special occasions in their lives, use their names in the title. A birth, for example, could be recorded in a scrapbook titled “Jessica Is Born” or “Rodney’s Arrival.” You can also use phases of a person’s life to create a name for your scrapbooks. Jessica’s first years of education, for example, could be recorded in a scrapbook titled “Jessica Goes To Preschool.”


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I don't make a million scrapbooks - one might cover a few years - so my scrapbooking titles are more for sections of pages than for whole books.

I think it's important, though, that they reflect the family and its personality. If your family is pretty witty and you always tease each other, you might go for the funny titles. If that's not your style, keep them simple and straightforward. There's nothing wrong with "Christmas 2010" or "Our New Baby."

If it's your way, though, there's also nothing wrong labeling, for instance, a section about the arrival of a second closely spaced child something like "Yes, Already."

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