How do I Choose the Best Zinc Supplement?

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When considering different zinc supplements, there are several factors to consider. One has to do with the underlying reasons for taking the supplement. Another has to do with the dosage that you need to take. In order to choose the best zinc supplement for your situation, you will need to take both these factors into account, as well as remember a few basic facts about how zinc works in your body.

While some people use zinc supplements for general health reasons, others need the additional zinc because of some type of health issue. The issue may be a short-term one, such as going through detoxification due to alcohol abuse. Others need this diet supplement for ongoing conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, Down’s Syndrome, or ongoing stress and anxiety. Knowing why you want the extra zinc is key to helping you choose the best zinc supplement for your needs.


Along with knowing why you want to take extra zinc, there is also the matter of going with a supplement that is within the dosage range you and your primary care physician agree is in your best interests. In many cases, a dosage that is near the recommended daily amount of zinc set by national health agencies in your home country will be fine. For people who are using the extra zinc as a means of combating short-term or long-term illness, larger doses are normally required. Your health provider can help you choose the best zinc supplement with the right dose, making it possible to get the maximum benefits from your efforts.

There is also the matter of ingesting the zinc supplement. If you have trouble swallowing capsules or tablets, you may want to consider a liquid supplement. This approach is also very helpful when there is a need to allow the zinc to get into your system quickly. While many people don’t think to take this into account when they choose a zinc supplement, this one factor can make a big difference for anyone who has trouble swallowing larger pills.

When you choose the best zinc supplement for your needs, consider buying a stand-alone supplement, rather than a multi-vitamin that contains zinc. While there is no consensus among healthcare professionals, some do believe that the efficacy of the zinc is minimized when taken in this manner. If you want to get the most from your zinc supplements, complement them with other stand-alone supplements like calcium, manganese, iron, and copper, taking care to take only the balanced amounts of each recommended by your physician. As with any healthcare product, always let your doctor know if you develop any unpleasant side effects, as they may be a sign of a negative interaction between your supplements and any prescription medications you currently take.


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Post 2

@raynbow- My mother swears by taking zinc throughout the fall and winter months for reducing her chances of getting a cold or flu. She does stay pretty healthy, but I don't recall her getting many colds or flues even before she started taking zinc.

I think sometimes avoiding these illnesses is just luck combined with other factors like eating a healthy diet, avoiding sick people, and getting plenty of rest.

If you do want to try taking a zinc supplement this cold and flu season, you should start with a low dose that will be less irritating to your stomach. Also, you should always take it with food, which should help prevent your stomach from getting upset.

Post 1

I've heard that taking a zinc supplement during cold and flu season will help you ward off these illnesses. I have considered taking this year, but am concerned about side effects since zinc can upset your stomach.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether or not zinc really does work to prevent catching a cold or flu, and what can be done to minimize the chance of a supplement upsetting your stomach?

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