How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Studio?

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Choosing the best yoga studio is an important personal decision for those who regularly practice yoga. The right yoga studio should not only offer the type of yoga that the student practices, but should offer it at convenient times. Depending on the type of yoga, the studio should have some amenities, such as showers, a changing room or equipment. The instructors at the studio should have experience or training so they can lead with authority. Finally, the overall feeling of a studio — including the amount of light, the space and the other students — should be pleasant and comfortable.

One of the first things to consider when choosing the best yoga studio is the location. The studio should not be too far away from work or home unless absolutely necessary. The stress of getting to and from a studio that is far away could negate the beneficial effects of yoga by inducing stress.

An important factor to explore when considering a yoga studio is the schedule of classes. Appropriate classes should be available at convenient times throughout the week. One should also be sure the class schedule is fairly stable, because some smaller studios might work around the changing schedules of their instructors and frequently change class times.


One also should examine the level of the classes and instructors at the yoga studio. Classes at the desired level should be available. Some studios do not list levels on their schedules, in which case it may be necessary to observe or take a class to see exactly what is being done. It can help to ask someone at the studio to describe some of what happens in the classes, because different instructors might have different ideas about what constitutes a beginner or advanced class.

When trying to find the best yoga studio, one may want to look at the actual space the yoga studio occupies. Some basic things to look for are adequate bathrooms, good lighting and, possibly, windows for natural light. For intensive types of yoga, a changing room and showers could be useful. If possible, one should compare class size to room size to make sure they are not overcrowded. Air conditioning in the halls or changing room could make a big difference, too.

The instructors also should be considered when choosing the best yoga facility. They should either have some training or lots of personal experience. A student's level of comfort with the instructors also is important, because they will be leading the classes. Some advanced yoga teachers may forget that beginners need to learn, so it helps to make sure they are able to lead many different levels of students and do so effectively.

In the end, the best yoga studio will feel comfortable and relaxing. Any studio that incites anxiety or stress on a visit will likely have the same result during a yoga class. The other students, the instructors and, ultimately, the space itself should all be acceptable.


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