How Do I Choose the Best Yoga Pants?

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Yoga pants are worn specifically for practicing yoga. With the vast array of yoga pants available, it might seem like a daunting task to pick the right pair for you. Consider fit, fabric, and care instructions when making your choice. In addition to these practical factors, you might also consider color and style. Once all of these factors have been weighed during the decision making process, you will likely be left with a few items that stand out from the rest.

Fit is one of the most important aspects of choosing yoga pants. They should not be too tight or you will likely be uncomfortable during yoga. Pants that are too loose are not desirable either, as you could easily trip over the extra fabric. It is best to try on several different pairs to check to see which fit is most practical and comfortable. You might even find a particular brand that seems to encompass all the things you like in the pants.

Fabric used to make yoga pants is generally soft and stretchy, allowing maximum flexibility and movement. Look for pants that allow a wide range of movement in addition to a plush feel. Thicker fabrics are available for use in colder climates while thinner fabrics might be used for warmer areas. Looking for fabrics with great moisture-wicking abilities to keep sweat away from your body is important as well, since this will keep you cool and your pants from holding on to too much moisture.


The care of yoga pants is also an important consideration when choosing a pair. If excessive care must be taken to keep them clean and fresh, you might wish to avoid them. Stay away from items that must be hand washed or air dried, unless you have the time and patience to do so. Since you will be utilizing them fairly often, you want the pants to be constructed of fabric that can withstand frequent washing and drying.

Color and style should be taken into consideration as well. With so many choices available, it is easy for most people to find yoga pants that fit their personality. Many fashion designers produce luxury yoga pants that are very expensive, but if these types of items are not within your budget it is very easy to find ones that are. Also consider quality when comparing prices; just because an item costs more does not mean it is a better quality garment.


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Post 2

@jennythelib - I get warm during my class in the summer months, but I've found that I can get away with yoga capri pants if they are nice and lightweight. I just don't like the way I look in shorts at all! For winter, I am fine with long pants.

I agree with you that finding something you won't have to tug on is the most important thing. It's surprisingly difficult! I find that a lot of yoga pants fall down at the waist in an uncomfortable way, and it's hard to tell if they're going to do that or not until you try them out for a class.

My favorite ever were actually my maternity yoga pants. They came up over the belly and never, ever fell down. (Well, at least not until week 36, when my belly was so big the pants gave up.) Sooo comfy. I wore them everywhere, not just to yoga!

Post 1

Personally, I find that the best yoga pants aren't long yoga pants at all, but shorts! I like to take a nice, energetic yoga class and I get too warm if I am wearing long pants.

I have found that there are basically two kinds of shorts that work well for yoga. There are long, almost knee-length shorts that are basically like short yoga pants. Comfy, but fairly hideous. More attractive but possibly just as appropriate are snug bike-style shorts (without the padding, of course). These stay put pretty well; they don't ride up like a lot of loose-fitting shorts. You do *not* want to spend your entire workout tugging at your shorts!

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