How do I Choose the Best Wrought Iron Coffee Table?

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When choosing the best wrought iron coffee table, it's a good idea to consider the style of the rest of your living room furniture. There are different styles of wrought iron coffee tables in an assortment of shapes and top options, so taking a little time to view the table types online or in person at furniture stores should give you a general idea of what piece to choose. The two basic types of wrought iron coffee table are straight-lined or elaborately curved and scrolled.

Since wrought iron is a metal that has been heated at a high temperature, it can be easily shaped into detailed, S-shaped scrolls. This type of design used in a coffee table creates a sense of both airiness and drama with the mix of black curved metal and open patterns created by the metalwork. If you love the airy part of the look the most, you may want to choose a scrolled wrought iron coffee table with a glass top. This type of table is also a good choice for smaller or darker living rooms, as the glass tends to reflect even the smallest amount of light in a room and can make the space seem larger or brighter.


A straight-lined iron coffee table may also help create an airy look in a room if it has a glass top. Straight-edged wrought iron coffee tables typically have a rectangular metal frame with a glass insert. This kind of wrought iron table has a much more modern, minimalistic look than the scrolled variety. If the style of your living room is contemporary, this may be the best iron coffee table choice for you. For any type of glass-topped, wrought iron coffee table you select, it's best to look for product labels that specify tempered glass.

Tempered glass has been heat-treated, so that, if broken, it won't shatter that much. It's considered a much safer option to have on coffee tables than a regular, untreated glass top which tends to shatter and produce sharp shards. If the glass top rests on a wrought iron base and it's not inserted into the metal frame, small rubber washers or other fittings placed on the tabletop will often help keep it from slipping.

If you'd rather have a wood coffee table top that matches the tone of other wooden furniture in your living room, you can find wrought iron tables like this in several different shape options such as round, oval or square. A solid wood topped wrought iron coffee table usually, but not always, has a scrolled, curvy type of metal base. If you have a mix of metal and wood furnishings in your living space, this kind of combination coffee table may work well.


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