How do I Choose the Best Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

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Most people will be terminated from their jobs at least once in their lives. A termination might be for a legitimate reason, such as when a position is no longer essential because of changes in workload or budget or when the person being fired has not performed well. Sometimes, however, workers are the victims of wrongful termination and discrimination and are in need of a wrongful termination lawyer. To choose the best one, you should find one who understands the complexities of the laws where you live and who has been successful in cases such as yours. Before you select a lawyer, it can be helpful to meet with a few lawyers who will give free consultations.

Most instances of discriminatory harassment are never reported. It is essential, however, that you find a wrongful termination lawyer if you believe that your termination was in fact a case of wrongful dismissal. The most common causes of wrongful dismissal are sexual harassment and discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation or race. Although there are no specific laws known as wrongful termination laws in most jurisdictions, there often are employment laws that protect workers from wrongful termination and discrimination.


The motives for terminating an employee can often be complicated, so most employers will keep paper trails or records of their employees' missteps in order to protect themselves from lawsuits. The best wrongful termination lawyer is one who will understand the complexities of employment law in all applicable jurisdictions, whether local or national. When you are searching for a good wrongful dismissal lawyer, you will want to find one who has an excellent track record of dealing with cases similar to your own. It's a good idea to ask for references from former clients who have worked with any lawyers whom you are considering.

Keep in mind that there might be a statute of limitations that applies to those who believe that they have been terminated unlawfully from their positions. This means that you will want to find a wrongful termination lawyer shortly after you have been terminated. Your first step in choosing the best wrongful termination lawyer will be to attend a number of free consultations. Most employment lawyers will take on only wrongful termination cases that they believe they can win.


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@Vincenzo -- most lawyers you'll run across are licensed in federal court (that is an inexpensive "add on" to a state license), but a good wrongful termination lawyer is one that has been successful at winning those types of cases. Ask around and find one that's the best one to handle your case. Fortunately, attorneys who are successful in one area of law or another tend to brag about their track records. That makes finding a great wrongful termination lawyer much easier.

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State laws regarding wrongful termination vary wildly, but there is one, uniform set of laws that applies throughout the United States -- federal employment law. For that reason, the wrongful termination lawyers you want to consult with are well versed in federal law and are familiar with that courts system.

And, yes, there are a lot of differences between federal court procedure and that of the circuit courts where cases based on state law are tried.

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