How do I Choose the Best Workplace Design?

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Workplace designs often are created to increase workflow and productivity among the people who share the workspace. Your best workplace design can depend on the type of industry you work in and what goals you have in terms of productivity. Generally, the best workplace design is one that maximizes space, encourages interaction and increases the comfort levels of employees. Selecting the right workplace design can even boost employee morale.

One of the biggest mistakes that workplace designers make is that they impose isolation on office employees. Designers often do this by implementing cubicles, partitions or other design elements that cut off employees from each other. Every business can benefit from increasing a feel of community in its work spaces. Choose designs that are open, spacious and encourage communication between employees. This can increase employee morale, decrease stress and keep productivity high.

Look at all physical corners of your business as potential ways to boost productivity. The office is not the only place where business ideas are born; in fact, many employees talk business in break rooms and restrooms. Select a design that makes these areas conducive to brainstorming and continued working. For example, you can choose a design that requires that employees pass a break room before entering and leaving the office. This type of design encourages positive interaction and can result in high productivity levels.


Consider the proximity of necessary items for each employee. You'll want to design a workspace that allows each employee easy access to the tools needed to perform his or her job. Give employees adequate storage at their desks, keep them close to other employees with whom they'll regularly have to interact, and have communal facilities, such as restrooms, be an equal distance from everyone.

Keep comfort levels in mind. Many people who are concerned with workplace design pay a lot of attention to decor, but they often forget the simple need for comfort. Follow ergonomics principles when choosing a workplace design. Buy chairs and other office furniture that can increase the comfort of employees. Ergonomic items can cost a little more than standard pieces of furniture, but they might end up paying for themselves as your employees' productivity increases.

If you are a business owner, consider giving your employees creative input with workplace design. Many employees will feel more comfortable in a space that reflects their personality, interests or personal preferences. Even allowing employees to choose the color scheme of their workspace can be beneficial to work output. Giving creative freedom is an especially useful strategy if you own a business that relies on innovation and imagination. Successful companies often allow their employees this privilege in the hopes that the employees will find inspiration in their surroundings.


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