How do I Choose the Best Workflow Software?

Mary Elizabeth

A workflow is a sequence of steps performed by one or more people that have been devised to make the process being carried out as efficient and easy as possible. The best workflow software can be one of two different things. For one thing, workflow software can be software that is superior in helping to design, track, and improve the workflow of an organization. Alternatively, it can be the software program or package that is designed with such good interoperability that, by its thoughtful design, it makes the workflow seamless and streamlined. Choosing the best workflow software of the two different types requires different approaches.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The first type of workflow software may also be Business Process Management (BPM) software or Project Management Software (PMS) software. These software packages are broad, and workflow is only a part of what they focus on. Therefore, in order to choose the best one, you’ll need to explore to find out which one gives workflow the treatment that you require. Features to consider include usability for your purposes, whether it’s proprietary or open source, the design, and the cost. It’s probably worth checking features beyond workflow to see if it can be of use in other aspects of your business.

The second type of workflow software is either a stand-alone program made with an eye to interoperability or a suite that is well-designed and does what you need. An example of the first would be architectural software that can import every possible type of file you might need and export every type of file that you might want to use within your firm or share with clients. A software product with fewer import and export choices would complicate workflow by requiring the work to be converted in another program, scanned in, or re-input in order to maintain the workflow.

An example of a software suite that would provide the best workflow could be an integrated writing and editing software with a corresponding layout software. A well-designed duo would make flowing and reflowing copy easy. It would also make it easy to adjust layout and see the resulting changes without losing earlier designs, as well as make it easy to edit material to fit. Choosing this type of software requires planning for the needs of the entire workflow and considering them all together.

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