How Do I Choose the Best Woodworking Bench Kit?

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Woodworking bench kit options can vary significantly depending on what you want to achieve with your workspace. Sometimes a woodworking bench kit will include the bench itself as well as storage options such as pegboard, shelving, drawers, and cabinets. In other cases, the kit may include common tools used during woodworking, such as clamps, chisels, vises, and saws. Determine your needs before you purchase a kit, and make sure you have enough room in your workspace to store all the items you purchase. It is important to be sure you buy a stable workbench and high quality tools to avoid damaging your woodworking projects.

If the woodworking bench kit you are considering includes the bench itself, you will need to take note of what materials are used to construct the structure, as well as how it is constructed. Many lower-end kits include materials that are less than optimal for woodworking; softwoods such as pine are usually included with the kit, and while this is not necessarily a bad inclusion, pine is not the most durable wood for a woodworking bench kit and it is likely to warp, splinter, crack, or otherwise become damaged over time. Try to choose a woodworking bench kit that includes high-quality materials such as hardwoods and sturdy steel.


Think about storage when researching woodworking bench kit options. You will most certainly have many tools to store, as well as raw materials, and the bench should be able to accommodate your storage needs. A low shelf is great for heavier, bulkier tools, while a high shelf may be good for light tools and chemicals such as stains, glues, and so on. If the bench has a backing, try to find a kit that includes pegboard on which you can hang commonly used tools for easy access.

One of the tools you are most likely to need is a vise. Vises often get bolted directly to the benchtop or the side of the bench. Be sure the workbench you are considering can support the vise or vises you will need for woodworking; some bench kits may even include the vises with the purchase. If this is the case, be sure the included vises will accommodate your woodworking needs, and check to see the vises are made by a well-known and respected manufacturer.


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