How do I Choose the Best Wooden Wheelbarrow?

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Modern wheelbarrows are made from heavy-duty materials such as metal or even high-grade plastics to withstand regular daily use while keeping the overall weight of the wheelbarrow down. Old fashioned wooden wheelbarrow models have generally become obsolete, but some people still choose them for garden use as well as for display. If you are considering purchasing a wooden wheelbarrow, be sure to first decide how you will be using it; if you will be using it to transport heavy objects, you will need to consider a wooden wheelbarrow with a strong wheel that gains good traction. If you are considering it for decorative purposes, aesthetics are most important.

Gardeners often use a wooden wheelbarrow as a planter, filling it with soil and planting flowers within. Wheelbarrows for such purposes come in all shapes and sizes, and most people seek out vintage or antique wheelbarrows for the aesthetic appeal. Such wheelbarrows are likely to be expensive, however, and some may be in fairly poor condition from decades of use. If you want that vintage look without spending the money on a true antique, you can find a wooden wheelbarrow that has been weathered to look old. These are usually much less expensive and look similar to true antiques.


If you are considering a wooden wheelbarrow for use in the yard or garden, you will want to choose one that is well-built and strong. Try to find a wheelbarrow with a rubber wheel to aid in traction; historically, the wheels of wooden wheelbarrows were also wood, making traction in the yard somewhat difficult. A rubber wheel will allow you to navigate through the yard or garden more confidently, reducing the likelihood of spilling the contents of the wheelbarrow.

One way to get the look and function of the wheelbarrow you want is to make it yourself. This will require some carpentry skills and proper tools, but the process will allow you to make the wheelbarrow you envision in your imagination. Kits are also available to make the construction process much easier, though you will again be limited in the style and aesthetic of the wheelbarrow.

Choosing the right size of wooden wheelbarrow is also important. For garden or yard use, you may want to find a larger wheelbarrow that can carry a fair amount of dirt, yard waste, or other objects. If you plan on using the wheelbarrow as a planter, smaller units may be preferable, as they can act as an accent to a yard or garden rather than a focal point.


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