How do I Choose the Best Wooden Sconces?

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When buying wooden sconces, you will want to think about the walls in the room in which you want to install them, taking into account wall color and artwork that you have. If your home is older, you may want to go with an antique sconce, such as a turn-of-the-century candlestick holder or a rustic walnut kerosene lamp sconce. A home that is more contemporary in nature may go well with a sconce that features solid wood detailing, featuring sharp angles and bold colors. Remember, if you choose an electric sconce, you will need to consider the wiring that is required for installation. You may also want to take measurements in the room to make sure there is enough wall space to accommodate the sconces to ensure adequate illumination.

Modern wooden sconces may add mood lighting that is quiet and contemplative, or they may be handmade with ornate carvings that call attention to bold colors and shapes. Sconces are often fashioned out of cherry wood, with its deep, natural colors or walnut wood that may be stained or painted in different hues. For a more contemporary lighting style, you may choose a cherry fixture with a suspended glass globe in a wooden frame of sculpted blocks. Some wooden sconces also feature inlaid wood in creative patterns intertwined with metals, such as forged iron.


For those who prefer a more antique look, there are many fixtures out there, from classic to unusual. Antique wooden sconces may be Gothic, solid wood sconces or hand-carved fixtures, with images of grapes or lions. On the unique side, you may want a 50s-style sconce fashioned out of bowling pins, complete with navy blue shades, which may prove to be quite a conversation piece. If your style leans more toward a southwestern style, a sconce with an iron steer hanging beneath a solid brass light bell might compliment your d├ęcor.

If you enjoy the look of wooden sconces on the walls of your home, then there is probably a sconce that will fit in with your own sense of style. Sconces do more than provide indirect lighting in the home; they provide accent lighting for artwork or give off a soft glow in almost any room. If sconces are candle holders, they may even provide light in your home during a power outage, which could come in handy. When using candle-holder sconces, however, extra care should be taken to prevent a fire.


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