How do I Choose the Best Wooden Curtain Poles?

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To choose the best wooden curtain poles for your home, consider their design, color, size and style. The wooden poles or curtain rods should coordinate well with the overall look of your home as well as the wood tones of your furniture. The type of drapes you have will greatly impact your choice of wooden curtain poles.

If the opening at the top of your curtains is narrow, you'll be limited to a narrower type of wooden pole. If instead, this open hem is wide, you'll be able to choose a wider style of curtain rod or pole. If your drapes tend to be difficult to fit onto a rod, it may be best to choose wooden curtain poles with one of the ends that is removable. This type of curtain pole is also preferable if the design features large end pieces or it may be impossible to pull the drapes over.

For curtains made of fabric that is easy to snag, make sure the wooden curtain rod you choose is sanded smoothly. It's also best to choose heavier, thicker wooden curtain poles for bulky fabrics such as velvet or canvas and lighter, thinner rods for delicate drapery materials like lace or sheers. If your fabric is heavily detailed or patterned, it's usually best to pick a plain wooden curtain pole. A more detailed curtain rod can really give solid, neutral-colored curtains a boost in style though.


Wooden curtain poles are available in light, medium and dark tones. If you have wood furniture, the closest color match possible is best. Having curtain rods in the same tone as other woods in the home can help give the living space a cohesive, well-coordinated look.

While a turned wooden curtain pole style, with detailed lines and large rounded ends, tends to work best in traditional interiors, more modern designs are a better choice for contemporary decors. For instance, rather than rounded ends, pointed or elongated wooden pieces can add more design interest in contemporary living spaces. The overall size of the wooden curtain poles you choose should be in scale with the window size and overall spaciousness of the room. A small wall and window can look overwhelmed by a large, heavy curtain rod.

For country or rustic interiors, wooden curtain rods that are also whimsical in their design can be the ideal choice. For example, a wooden canoe paddle can make an interesting curtain pole in a lakeside cabin. Tree branches in place of regular wooden curtain poles can complement the rugged uniqueness of a log cabin or other rustic home style.


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