How Do I Choose the Best Witch Hazel Cream?

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Witch hazel cream is derived from the extracts of the corresponding plant, and it is best known for its anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties. Although you can purchase the extract and place it into your own lotion, perhaps the easiest method is to buy a prepared formula from a drugstore. The best type of witch hazel cream that you ultimately choose depends on what skin ailment you are treating, and some brands often contain added medicinal ingredients and other plant extracts for specific purposes. Witch hazel is also used for gastrointestinal problems, but you should never ingest the cream version of the herb.

As natural treatment methods continue to gain popularity, more consumers are turning to herbs like witch hazel to help to cure common skin problems. The herb is sold as both a tincture and an extract in health food stores, and you can add the oil to your favorite lotion to reap the benefits. Making your own cream at home can help to aid in the relief of dry skin, eczema, and sunburn, all while saving money. Simply add two to three drops of witch hazel to a container with lotion and mix well before use. For on-the-spot treatment for bug bites, you can even apply a drop of the oil directly to the affected area.


Although you can easily make your own witch hazel cream, perhaps the best type to purchase is from a drugstore or supermarket because the process is more convenient. Such over-the-counter creams are designed to treat specific conditions, such as various rashes, hemorrhoids, and bedsores. A witch hazel cream sold in stores also usually contains other herbs or medicines to further enhance its effects. For example, a cream for dry and inflamed skin might contain a combination of witch hazel, calendula, and vitamin E.

Extracts from witch hazel are also traditionally taken internally as a method to treat gastrointestinal ailments, such as diarrhea. If you want to try the herb for these types of problems, you should opt for a tea version; ingesting a witch hazel cream can cause serious complications, especially if it contains other active ingredients. Witch hazel is also considered as generally safe for most people, which explains why many countries allow the creams to be sold to the public in drugstores. Still, if you experience worsening skin problems or other side effects, you should consider seeing your doctor for further evaluation.


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Post 3

I've been using witch hazel toner for a while now, but I just started using witch hazel cream as well. I have acne prone skin and witch hazel keeps it under control. I haven't had a new breakout since I started using the cream.

I have an all natural, organic one and I bought it from the organic supermarket. I think the all natural creams are more effective. The less ingredients in witch hazel products, the better.

Post 2

@literally45-- Yes, there are witch hazel ointments for hemorrhoids, I use one. Just check your pharmacy, there are usually several different options.

Witch hazel is definitely effective for hemorrhoids. It's an astringent, so it shrinks hemorrhoids, reduces swelling, pain and bleeding. It's the best natural remedy. I had a lot of constipation during my pregnancy and experienced hemorrhoids often. I don't think I would have been able to get through it without witch hazel.

If you don't like the ointment, there are also witch hazel wipes with witch hazel extract for hemorrhoids. The ointment works fine but some people prefer the wipes.

Post 1

I've heard that witch hazel is effective for hemorrhoids. Are there hemorrhoid creams with witch hazel or do I have to buy the extract and add it myself?

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