How do I Choose the Best Window Cleaning Squeegee?

Sherry Holetzky

When choosing the best window cleaning squeegee, there are several factors to analyze. Squeegee size will be a prime consideration when choosing the best type to suit your needs. The better the squeegee fits the window, the less work and mess you will have to endure. The type of window cleaning squeegee handle is also a factor since different types work best for particular windows. Choose from rigid or swivel, with the swivel type being preferred for round or other unusually shaped windows.

A woman cleaning a window.
A woman cleaning a window.

A window cleaning squeegee that is as wide as your windows will help you avoid streaks and drips, so choose the right size for small windows. For larger windows, a squeegee approximately half the size of your window will work also, as a slight overlap is fine. You don’t want to choose a tiny squeegee and have to make several passes over the window.

A window cleaning squeegee will generally have a rubber blade. Make sure the blade is firm and sturdy, but also that it is flexible. Also, check the package or label to ensure that the window cleaning supplies you intend to use will not harm the blade. As the edges of the blade begin to curve, wear down, or become rough, the blade needs to be turned over. When that side begins to wear down, the blade needs to be replaced. This is important to know so that you can find a good supply company where you can order quality, affordable blades for your window cleaning squeegee and keep plenty on hand.

Since sizes vary, you may want to purchase more than one size of channel, or the part that holds the blade in place, for your window cleaning squeegee. You may still want to order blades in bulk if doing so will help you save money. You can then simply choose blades that fit the largest channel and cut some of them down to fit the other sizes.

If you have tall or high windows, you might also wish to consider adding a window cleaning squeegee extension handle. This simple addition will give you much more reach and allow easier, more thorough cleaning with a lot less stretching. Simple extensions have threaded ends that screw on to the base of the squeegee handle.

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