How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Underwear?

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You can choose the best wholesale underwear by first deciding on the type and material, testing a small order of the product, and making sure you order from a legitimate wholesale company. The best type and material depends on what you are looking for in wholesale underwear, and the latter can significantly affect the overall price. It is best to order the minimum amount of wholesale underwear allowable to ensure the item is right for you, because the company might not accept returns on intimate items. Lastly, take care to avoid people reselling wholesale items at a markup.

One of the first steps in choosing the best wholesale underwear is deciding on a type. Most wholesale companies sell certain types of underwear in batches rather than giving customers random types. No matter the gender you are shopping for, there are lots of underwear options, from boyshorts to men’s boxer-briefs with comfort bands. For the most part, the price of underwear does not differ because of the type, so just choose a type you will use or believe will sell better than other types.


A factor that will definitely affect the price and even availability of wholesale underwear is material. Cotton and spandex are popular and relatively inexpensive materials used to mass produce underwear. On the other hand, silk, wool, and organic options can be expensive and also limit your options when it comes to choosing a wholesale company. Not all or even the majority of wholesale companies carry lesser-sought items like wool underwear. You can probably still save money by purchasing the underwear wholesale, but you may end up saving less money than when buying cotton or spandex underwear, because those markets have more competition.

Unlike other wholesale products, there may not be an option to return the purchase if the item is not up to par. Many businesses refuse to accept the return of intimate items like undergarments. In this case especially, it may be wise to order the smallest possible batch of wholesale underwear to confirm that it is what you want. Otherwise, you might be left with hundreds or thousands of items that you do not want to use or cannot sell.

Lastly, remember to buy directly from a wholesale company and not just a person selling wholesale items. Sometimes people make money by buying directly from the manufacturer and then selling to other people who wish to buy wholesale. For the best deal, it is best to avoid these people and shop around until you find the best deal from a company with a physical address and customer service telephone number.


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