How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Towels?

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Learning how to choose the best wholesale towels involves knowing what you’re looking for in a towel. The type of material and the feel of the towel are important considerations when looking to purchase towels on the wholesale level. In addition, pricing, customer service and quality standards should be taken into account when looking at wholesale towels.

Buying towels on a wholesale level can help retailers, resorts and individuals save money with larger quantity purchases. Identifying the reason for your purchase and the type of towel you are looking for is an essential step in choosing the best wholesale towels. Towel options include bath towels, beach towels, hand towels and resort-style towels.

Various material blends, such as cotton and polyester, exist within each category of towel. Choosing the best wholesale towels will involve choosing the type of material you prefer. Options include high quality cotton towels, such as Egyptian and Brazilian cotton towels, and cotton blends. The better quality towels will often be more plush, absorbent and soft, while lower quality towels can come across as scratchy feeling or less absorbent.


Make sure towels meet desired standards related to feel before making a large quantity purchase. Speak with the wholesaler and request swatches of various offerings. Most suppliers and wholesalers will send out swatches or a sample towel before placing a final order. Visiting local stores and retailers can also help provide an opportunity to feel the towel and make sure the weight and plushness of the towel is suited to the purpose.

Compare pricing at several wholesalers before making a final decision on purchasing wholesale towels. Include approximate shipping costs in any calculations. Keep any price breaks received for ordering specific quantities in mind when comparing prices at various wholesalers.

Another thing to consider is the type of service provided by the wholesaler. Talking to a customer service representative can help clarify purchasing practices, requirements and special offers for wholesale customers. While not particularly a complete representation of towel quality, excellent customer service and client care can signal the pride a company places in its services and products.

In the end, other things should also be taken into account. The reputation of the wholesaler and towel brand can speak volumes. Other things to consider include the ease of care and the various offerings provided by the wholesaler. Purchasing other items such as bathroom accessories from a wholesaler at wholesale pricing may result in a savings with bulk orders.


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