How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Lip Balm?

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To choose the best wholesale lip balm, determine whether you wish to customize the product label, how important natural ingredients and stimulating the local economy are, and how many flavors are best for you. These factors and more largely depend on the purpose of the lip balm and personal preference and beliefs, but they influence the price and shipping time of the wholesale batch. Of course, choosing the best wholesale lip balm depends on your specific needs and those of your customers, if ordering for a business. Be flexible and creative, but consider all angles of the purchase before making it.

Many wholesale lip balm suppliers allow their customers to customize the label of the product. If this option is appealing to you rather than having a generic label, buying wholesale might be a little more expensive, but possibly worth it for the advertisement potential. Depending on the company, you can customize everything about the label or just choose from a set of colors and put your company name on the label in the font of your choice. In addition to being cheaper, however, wholesale lip balm with generic labels may also ship faster because these products are already made and waiting to be purchased.


For some people, the best wholesale lip balm is all natural and supports the local economy. In this case, you can look for people in your area to fill the order on websites like Etsy®. People who produce lip balms on demand rather than mass producing them are often more flexible than large corporations that have more than enough customers. In addition to potentially being less harmful than non-organic balms, natural lip balms made by local tradespeople support their trade and allows them to continue doing what they love to do.

A lot of people have a preference when it comes to lip balm flavors. Due to this, it may be in your favor to order different types of lip balm to give the customers a range to choose from. Some wholesale lip balm supplies do not allow customers to mix and match, however, so this is not always an option. If necessary, you can order multiple batches with less pieces each to get a variety of flavors. It is common practice for wholesalers to give a price reduction to large orders of one item, and ordering many small orders may not fulfill this requirement.


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