How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Boxes?

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When choosing wholesale boxes you should first consider the purpose for which you need the boxes, the cost of the boxes as well as any minimum order required by the wholesaler. You should also find out about the wholesaler's shipping policies and any additional costs that you may incur when purchasing wholesale boxes. Finally, you should inquire as to a wholesaler's policy regarding the sale of wholesale merchandise. Some wholesalers will only work with established businesses while others may be willing to work with individuals who order a significant amount of product.

Boxes are used for the packaging, protection and storage of many different types of items and thus may be very different in their size, construction and materials. For example, wholesale bakery boxes are typically made from thin cardboard and are designed to protect pastries when customers take them home from a bake shop. On the other, wholesale moving boxes must be strong enough to hold household items and to keep them protected during the moving process. Similar considerations exist for wholesale shipping boxes, which may also have to meet regulations set by local and international postal authorities. In the later case, researching applicable laws and regulations, and then inquiring of the box wholesaler as to whether their boxes meet such standards is a crucial step in choosing the best wholesale boxes.


Many wholesalers prefer to only work with other businesses and do not sell their boxes to individuals. If you are in need of wholesale boxes, you should contact the wholesaler and ask about its policy. In some cases you may be able to purchase boxes at wholesale if you don't have a business, but other wholesalers may not be willing to work with you. In general, wholesale pricing is based on the purchase of a certain quantity of merchandise. You may be asked by a wholesaler to purchase a large number of boxes in order to get a wholesale price break.

Another consideration is how you will take delivery of your wholesale boxes. Some wholesalers operate on a "cash and carry" basis: you will go to the wholesaler's warehouse and pay for your boxes and then take them away with you. If you order your boxes from a mail order company, find out how much you will be charged for shipping and handling costs. Be sure to use this information when computing the pricing offered by different wholesalers. A company that offers cheap pricing may charge a lot for shipping. In such cases, you may find that a wholesaler that charges a higher price per box, but has lower shipping charges, offers a better deal.


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