How Do I Choose the Best White Brick?

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White brick is an option that has been used for decades in a number of building projects. Bricks of this type are created using materials that allow the finished product to have a white or off-white color throughout the brick, with some combinations of materials providing a superior performance to other types of bricks when used in certain types of climates. Choosing the best white brick for a project depends on identifying the type of project involved, allowing for various climate conditions throughout the year, and considering the type of wear and tear that the brick will be subjected to over time.

White brick quality is a key factor in choosing bricks for projects such as the exterior of buildings, retaining walls around property, and even in the construction of a fireplace. The goal is to make sure the white bricks are manufactured using a combination of ingredients that will hold up well to constant exposure to the elements. This is particularly important when the white brick is slated for use in some type of exterior project, since the brick will be subjected to changes in weather throughout the year. Even with a protecting sealant, inferior bricks will begin to deteriorate in a shorter period of time, leading to a great deal of expense in terms of replacement.


Depending on the type and exact balance of ingredients used within a given formula, the ability of the brick to hold up well to heat and cold may vary. If choosing white brick for an interior wall, this is usually less of an issue, especially if the home is equipped with a heating and cooling system that will maintain a more or less constant range of temperature. Additional care should be taken when constructing a fireplace with the brick, since the combination of ingredients will determine the ability of the brick to expand and retract in relation to changes in the temperature. Unless the brick is formulated to hold up to this type of activity, it will begin to break down in a shorter period of time, making it necessary to renovate the fireplace.

Typically, white brick that is formulated to hold up in a number of settings will cost more. While the appearance and texture of less expensive bricks may be similar, the actual brick construction will be sturdier with the costlier options. If the function of the brick is intended to be more decorative and is likely to be changed in a renovation in a few years, then going with less expensive white bricks may be fine. When the goal is to use the bricks in construction intended to hold up for decades, the more expensive bricks that are formulated to last would be a better option.


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