How Do I Choose the Best Wheelchair Accessible Hotels?

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Finding wheelchair accessible hotels for people with disabilities can sometimes be a difficult task. This is mainly because most hotels aren't adequately equipped to handle the needs of people who are wheelchair bound. In order to ensure a pleasant stay, there are a few ways to find lodging that can accommodate the needs of individuals in wheelchairs. These include conducting an online search for wheelchair accessible hotels. From there, in the US, one should sort through potential hotels to find one that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, has wheelchair transportation and meets the individual's needs.

The first step to finding wheelchair accessible hotels is to search online in the location where one plans to stay. This should bring up a few results or potentially many results, depending on the location. Often there will be reviews from other disabled travelers commenting on the hotel's wheelchair accommodation and overall appeal. From here, one should narrow down the possibilities to about two or three hotels.


If staying in the US, the next step in the process is to look for a hotel that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. This will ensure that the hotel is equipped to handle the needs of a wheelchair bound person. Usually, this means that the room is on or near the first floor in case of an emergency requiring evacuation, such as a fire. Also, the bed will be close to the ground and there will be bars in the bathroom for safety.

Another factor to consider when finding wheelchair accessible hotels is transportation. Many people with disabilities need some type of specialized transportation to get where they need to go. Some common options include a shuttle service capable of handling wheelchairs and parking for disabled people that is close in proximity to the hotel. Finding lodging with adequate transportation and accessible parking will make coming and going a frustration free process.

An additional part of choosing wheelchair accessible hotels is finding a place that meets the individual's needs. Since every person's needs are different, it's important to first contact a potential hotel and make sure that it offers the necessary services. For example, some people may need low counters or furniture that can be moved around. Usually, the best way to accomplish this is to simply call the hotel and inquire about its services. Talking one on one with a staff member is a quick way to get the necessary information and ensure that hotel will be able to meet any special needs.


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