How do I Choose the Best Weighted Jump Rope?

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When in the market for a weighted jump rope, the best purchase is one that meets your needs. A person who is already very fit will benefit from a heavier jump rope, while one who is just starting a new jump roping regimen will want a lighter weighted rope. As upper body strength and cardiovascular stamina increases, so can the weight of the jump rope. It is best to get a jump rope where the weight is in the rope rather than the handles to prevent shoulder, wrist, and hand strain. Make sure there is a swivel joint between the handles and the rope to prevent additional body strains and eliminate friction during faster jumping speeds.

Jump ropes are made with different materials and vary in length to accommodate different activity levels. For a single user, the handles of the rope should reach armpit level; most ropes can be cut to fit the jumper properly. Outside jump roping should be done with a rope made with a durable material, like plastic. For indoor jump roping, a nylon or leather jump rope is more suitable.


Jumping rope is a great upper body and cardiovascular exercise that is utilized by many athletes. Jumping rope can be a great warm-up exercise, and it is also used as a conditioning and cardiovascular endurance building tool. Most people think that weighted jump rope workouts are only for boxers and kickboxers, but that is not true. Runners, swimmers, football players, and other sports athletes also take advantage of this exercise to increase upper body strength, endurance, and balance, and to improve performance levels. By using a weighted jump rope and adding in some torso twists, high knee lifts, and kicks, the jumper turns the activity into a complete, full body exercise routine.

Fitness facilities around the world incorporate weighted jump rope exercises as the cardiovascular part of a workout routine. Experts say jumping rope at a faster speed can burn as many calories as running, but does not cause as much impact to the knees and ankles. A weighted jump rope adds to the calorie burning benefits. Jumping rope a great workout for busy people because it is an effective calorie burning and muscle building activity, and it can be done in a short period of time. Use a weighted jump rope in between other more strenuous exercises to obtain a cross-training or integrated workout routine.

Using a rope that is weighted, various jump rope styles and tricks are easier to achieve. An experienced rope jumper can perform variations of the traditional jump by crossing one hand in front of the other, forming an X, and jumping through the middle of the rope. He may swing the rope from side to side before jumping. Jumping backward is also a fun and easy variation to the traditional style. Professional rope jumpers can perform a variety of tricks that will wow audiences of all ages.


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Post 2

I have heard that weighted jump ropes are a great workout, although my problem is I have nowhere ideal to use one. I live on the third floor of an apartment building, so any jumping I do will be heard two floors up, two floors down, and probably across the hall. Eventually, though, I would be interested to try it.

Post 1

If you have not used a regular jump rope in awhile, I would recommend trying to practice with one a few times before turning to the weighted kind. While some tricks might be easier in some ways, it is good to return to the jump roping that, for many of us, is familiar from childhood before switching to a totally different way of rope jumping.

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