How do I Choose the Best Weight Training Gloves?

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Weight training gloves provide hand and wrist support while lifting weights. When opting to buy a pair, consider your needs and what features are most important, and select the training gloves that best suit you. The material, wrist support, how well the gloves fit, and the cost are important to consider before choosing.

Most weight training gloves are made of either leather or neoprene. Neoprene is a synthetic material often used for weight training gloves because of its breathable nature. Leather gloves offer a slight advantage for durability. Both leather and neoprene make reliable, high-quality gloves. If you need extra support and padding while lifting heavy weights, leather gloves might be more advantageous.

The material also plays an important role in whisking sweat away from your hands. A breathable material will prevent heat and sweat from accumulating inside the gloves. Choose gloves that are machine washable for hygiene and easy maintenance.

Another important feature of weight training gloves is the design. They are available in two basic designs: with or without wrist wraps. Wrist support is an important part of weight training, especially when performing at intermediate or advanced levels. Select gloves that have built-in wrist wraps. Wrist wraps generally have a Velcro® closure, allowing you to adjust the fit securely around your wrists.


How well the weight training gloves fit your hands is another important characteristic to consider. A snug fit ensures the gloves provide maximum support. Look for gloves that allow mobility but fit securely enough to avoid slippage. Also consider choosing lifting gloves that provide extra padding in the palm area for added support and comfort.

Cost may be a factor when choosing weight training gloves. Prices vary, and they can be found relatively inexpensively or a bit pricier. Select the gloves that suit your individual needs and fit within your budget. Beginners or casual lifters may not need a top-quality pair. Intermediate and advanced lifters may want to consider buying the highest-quality gloves that fits their budget for the gloves to withstand frequent usage.

Weight training gloves offer numerous benefits during strength training. They work to eliminate hand and wrist fatigue, which may potentially allow exercisers to train at greater intensity for longer periods of time. A good pair of gloves also prevents calluses from forming. Safety is another important benefit they offer, because they prevent heavy weight from slipping, providing safety during heavier lifts.


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Post 2

For a long time I thought that weight lifting gloves were unnecessary and that they were kind of for guys who didn't really take their workout seriously. Its like, its kind of supposed to hurt, so suck it up and accept that your hands are going to get a little worn. You are pumping iron, it comes with the territory.

But I got to a point where my hands felt like a pine cone. I started dating a new girl and she complained about it immediately. I can't blame her, they were rough as hell. Now I use weight lifting gloves and my hands have healed up quite a bit. Its amazing what you can get used to.

Post 1

You will want to look for gloves that have adequate padding and grip and which also fit your hands snugly. If there is even a little bit of slip between your hand and the glove it can lead to a torn muscle or a weight room accident.

You will probably also want to think about quality. If you are lifting regularly your gloves will see a lot of friction and they can wear down quickly. Cheap gloves might only last you a few months. If you invest the money in a quality pair they will probably serve your needs for longer.

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