How do I Choose the Best Wedding Organizer?

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A wedding organizer is either a book that outlines wedding planning necessities or, much more rarely, a person who plans a wedding. Typically, a person who plans and organizes a wedding is called a wedding planner rather than an organizer, but occasionally you may see the term used in this way. Much more commonly, a wedding organizer is a book that functions like a journal with blanks to be filled in and advice offered throughout the workbook. In modern incarnations, an organizer for a wedding might take the form of a computer program or phone application with similar functions. Choosing the best wedding organizer depends on personal style, degree of involvement desired, and a good fit with the structure of the book itself.

Wedding organizers are often similar to scrapbooks in that they include spaces that must be filled in and may hold scraps of ideas and thoughts about the wedding. In some cases, a wedding organizer may be quite stuffed with ideas and clippings, so the book must be sturdily constructed if it is to be used as a binder. Books that are designed to work primarily as budget sheets can be flimsier, but it is still a good idea to look for a book you feel is stylish if you will be carrying the organizer around frequently.


Usually, budgeting takes the form of worksheets that must be filled out. Having an accurate budget is absolutely essential when organizing a wedding, so this should be a major consideration when choosing a wedding organizer. The budgets sheets may not fit your wedding plans if you are having an unconventional wedding, or they may not accurately estimate the cost per guest of the wedding. It is sometimes difficult to tell if budget sheets will be problematic, but looking at reviews can be helpful in this regard.

Some people find that wedding organizers in the form of software and phone applications are both more convenient and more accurate because they can be updated quickly. They also have the potential to be more dynamic and automatic than book organizers. Although it may be tempting to choose a more expensive wedding organizer program over a conventional binder, it is important to remember that even software can be flawed and problematic. Whereas you might be able to write in special considerations in a binder or a book, it can be much more difficult to edit information that is limited by a computer program. Even so, it is often best to choose the most convenient option to avoid stress near a wedding, so a computer program with limited functions can still be a good fit in many cases.


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