How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Hairstyles for Straight Hair?

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A wedding is typically one of the few days people may spend much of their lives planning. Even so, small details like wedding beauty may be difficult for some to plan, especially if dealing with straight hair. Choosing the best wedding hairstyles for straight hair typically involves considering factors, such as the length and texture of the straight hair, the season and time of day of the wedding, the overall style of the event, and the dress. Once these aspects have been considered, a professional wedding hairstylist may help to choose the final look.

The length and texture of the hair is very important when choosing wedding hairstyles for straight hair. Shorter straight hair may look best slicked back with a simple tiara or more tousled with a few gemmed berets pinning down the sides. Medium length and longer hair have a wider variety of options, including a selection of updos and a simple half-up hairstyle embellished with hair accessories. Fine hair may require a hair pad, filler, or even extensions to add volume. Course or brittle straight hair is best masked by a sleek updo.


Wedding hairstyles for straight hair may depend on the season and the time of day the wedding is held. Winter brides may look better in styles that are loose and long, while summer brides may want to keep their hair up, especially if the weather is humid. A wedding held earlier in the day is usually best suited for a half-up hairstyle. One with a few simple hair accessories or a simple veil may look best on straight hair. A sleek hairstyle, such as a French bun with a small tiara, may work better with an evening wedding.

Whether the wedding is formal or more casual or modern is very important when choosing wedding hairstyles for straight hair. Typically, formal weddings call for updos. These may be a low side bun or something more intricate, depending on the type of straight hair. Modern and slightly casual weddings may suit either loose hairstyles with intricate embellishments or a variety of updos. As of 2011, many people with straight hair tend to find modern takes on vintage looks as well as classic styles, such as the ponytail.

It is important that all wedding hairstyles for straight hair complement the dress. As a general rule, it is recommended that the wedding hairstyle match the formality and style of the dress. An intricate hairstyle with a variety of hair accessories may not suit a simple, form-fitting gown as it may take attention away from the dress. Instead, it may suit a princess cut dress or ball gown. Several hairstylists may recommend to choose a few hairstyles and try them with a professional before the wedding to test how each looks.


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