How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Champagne?

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Choosing wedding champagne is just one of the many small decisions that can help create a spectacular wedding day. Some of the factors that can influence champagne choices include budget, planned usage, and personal preference. With dozens of varieties of both sparkling wine and traditional French champagne, finding the right wedding champagne can be an easy and fun process.

One of the most important initial considerations when choosing wedding champagne is budget. It may help to set a total alcohol budget, then determine what percentage of that budget should be used for champagne. To determine the ideal price range, divide the total champagne budget by the amount of bottles that will be needed. Finding the right price range is a good way to get started, as it can eliminate many extraneous options that don't fit the budget.


Depending on the tone, size, and even time of day of the wedding, how champagne will be used may vary for individual couples. Some people prefer to reserve champagne for a special toast, while others like to have the bubbly flowing throughout the entire event. Offering champagne for the toast only often allows a couple to splurge on a higher-priced sparkling wine, since far fewer bottles will be needed. One fun option for those on a limited budget is to include a lower-priced sparkling wine as part of a custom wedding cocktail, which may reduce the amount of champagne needed as well as lowering the cost. Determining how large of a part champagne will play in the overall budget can also help clarify the overall beverage budget for the event.

Once the important details of budget and usage are answered, the truly fun part of finding wedding champagne begins. For couples new to the world of champagne, consider reading about the many different varieties of sparkling wines on the market. Some people prefer a dry, crisp bubbly, while others enjoy a sweeter, more effervescent variety. Check local wineries, wine bars, and restaurants to see if any offer a champagne tasting or sparkling wine flight. It can also be fun to have a champagne tasting party, where each guest brings a bottle of sparkling wine in the desired price range.

Other personal factors can help determine the best wedding champagne for a couple. Some like to use a favorite sparkler from their first date or engagement, or use a variety similar to one from their parents' weddings. Romantics may want to go with a rose or blush champagne, which features a delicate pink hue perfect for a Valentine's day wedding.


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