How do I Choose the Best Web Design Class?

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Four things typically should be focused on when looking for the best Web design class: qualified instructors, dedicated equipment, the latest software, and after-hours access. Web design classes usually are available from a wide range of community colleges and universities. The skills taught in these courses can be divided into two areas: functional and design.

A functional Web design class is focused on the programming that determines the functionality available on the site, how it performs, access to tools, and communication methods. These classes often assume a background in computer programming or development. The skills taught include database utilization, programming in different languages, and security.

A design-based class is more focused on the user interface. This includes everything from the colors used on the page to the arrangement of whitespace on the site. Humans are visual creatures, and Web design classes provide training on what is appealing to people, how to encourage visitors to stay longer on your site, and related issues.

The best Web design class typically has highly qualified instructors. Take the time to read the biography of each instructor. This information will tell you about their academic credentials and work experience. Look for an instructor who has achieved a significant amount of work in your area of interest. Visit their Websites to determine the quality of their work and see if their expertise would be helpful to you.


Every Web design class should be provided in a computer lab. Access to a computer is an essential part of this type of course, as students need to practice the techniques discussed in class. The computer should be integrated into the training program, as this method is the most effective for teaching a practical skill like Website design.

Look at the software tools provided in the class to make sure they are the latest release. Each release of a software program has significant changes, and a Web design class should be using the most recent version. Investigate the speed of the computer and Internet connection to ensure that the hardware is able to meet the demands of the software.

All Web design classes usually will have homework that requires the use of the specialized software included in the course. Find out about after-hours access to the computer lab to complete this work. Some schools provide this access via a virtual private network. This option allows the students to work from any physical location while accessing the computer systems.


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