How do I Choose the Best Weaving Books?

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Choosing the best weaving books ultimately depends on the type of weaving you want to do and your level of experience. There are many weaving books for the beginner through the experienced or advanced weaver. Weaving books also cover different methods, from traditional ways of weaving to modern looms. Books may teach specific projects, or outline many projects for decorative or functional woven products. First choose what and how you want to weave, and it will be much easier to find the best weaving books.

If it seems like the choice of books is bewildering, it can be helpful to leaf through weaving books at the library or a bookstore. As most weaving books are illustrated, looking at the methods, tools and finished products will make choosing easier. A book that contains ample illustrations can be helpful even to an experienced weaver.

Weaving books are available for every level of weaving experience. Books can be targeted toward the young beginner including children, or toward the adult who is taking up weaving for the first time. The amount of available time and space the you have might help you decide between books devoted to weaving as a hobby, or those that include plans for a home weaving studio.


Weaving books also exist for the various looms that can be used. If you want to weave with a traditional method, you may choose a weaving book that focuses on the backstrap method of weaving, or a book that teaches how to make and use the upright loom associated with Navajo weaving. There are many different types of looms, from the relatively small and simple hand-operated table loom, to the many types of foot-pedal looms. There are even books for weaving without a loom at all. Some weaving books explain the various types of looms, which is helpful if you haven't chosen a loom yet.

Project-oriented weaving books walk you through making any number of products. These range from decorative rugs, to useful blankets and much more. Other books focus on fabrics and materials. A thoroughly complete book takes the you through dyeing and spinning if you want to learn those things as well. Books for beginners will address other tools that are needed depending on the method of weaving, and explain terminology that the beginner won't necessarily be familiar with.


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Post 3

I found some great weaving books at a yard sale once. Since many people sell their old books in these types of sales, you never know what great books you may find when you check out yard and garage sales in your area.

Post 2

@ocelot60- That is a great idea, because sometimes bookstores and libraries don't have a good selection of weaving books.

I have also found good weaving books at shops that specialize in hobbies, crafts, and sewing supplies. Since people who like to weave shop at these types of stores for the items they need, a good selection of books on the subject are also readily available in these places.

Post 1

Another good place to look for the best weaving books in online. Though you aren't able to look through the books before you buy them, many online bookstores provide in-depth details about the contents of the books they sell, so you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. I have also found that online bookstores have better selections of books on subjects like weaving.

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