How Do I Choose the Best Waxing Bed?

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Whether someone is just starting out or simply upgrading a waxing business, having the right waxing beds can be the difference between having repeat business and not. Waxing beds can be portable or stationary, which may make the beds better for a mobile beautician or a brick-and-mortar business, respectively. Some waxing beds are just flat, immovable beds, while others can bend to make waxing more comfortable for both the customer and the beautician. Some beds also come with parts that can be moved, such as for the arms or legs. This bed is used for cosmetic purposes, so it may be best to get a bed that is relatively attractive and fits its surroundings.

Portable and non-portable waxing beds both serve the same purpose, but they are very different in how they are used. A portable waxing bed can be collapsed and moved around, and it is typically made of lightweight materials. A non-portable waxing bed is larger and may have locking wheels at the bottom to make movement easier when necessary, but they are meant to stay in one place. If the beautician is a mobile beautician, or one that travels to the client, then portable beds are almost certainly going to be better, while a brick-and-mortar salon will usually get more use out of a non-portable waxing bed.


Waxing beds come in flat and bendable varieties. A flat version is usually cheaper, and the customer rests flat while the beautician works on waxing him or her. Bendable versions allow the bed to bend, making it more like a chair, which may be more comfortable and may make it easier for the beautician to work. If the beautician is looking for an economical bed, then flat beds are usually less expensive; if the beautician wants the customer to be more comfortable and has the money to spare, then a bendable version may be the way to go.

Some waxing beds come as a single unit that cannot be moved, while others are made of several sections that can be detached and rearranged. This allows the beautician to move the feet, legs and arms of the customer during waxing while still providing support, which adds another layer of comfort to the waxing bed. At the same time, these beds tend to be among the pricier versions.

A waxing bed is used for cosmetic purposes, so it is usually best if the beautician gets a waxing bed that looks good and fits the surroundings. Waxing beds that do not fit the business's interior can turn off some customers; they may even doubt the beautician's skills if he or she cannot adequately decorate the business. The bed's design does not need to be elaborate; just getting a bed that matches the colors of the salon can be enough to be aesthetically pleasing.


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