How Do I Choose the Best Washing Machine Pedestal?

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When selecting a washing machine pedestal, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. You will need to decide how high you want the washing machine to be, and this will determine the size of the pedestal you need. Considering how much you want to pay and whether you want the pedestal to feature storage space are good ideas as well.

The appropriateness of the pedestal for use with your washing machine is a major factor. Different brands manufacture pedestals designed for specific washing machine models. Other pedestals are meant for use with any brand, but you will need to make sure that the pedestal can bear the weight of your washing machine.

Pedestal size is another important factor. Choosing the best one to your needs will require you to think about how high you want your washing machine to be. Washing machine pedestals are common for use with front-loading washers, and it is a good idea to determine a height that will prevent unnecessary strain caused by bending down to load the washer. If you want to use a pedestal for your top-loading washer, it is important to ensure that the pedestal will not raise the machine too high.


A significant number of pedestals feature some form of internal storage space, usually a drawer to store laundry supplies. Think about how much storage space you would like to have. If you do not think you would use an under-washer drawer, purchasing a simple washing machine riser with no compartment may be preferable.

You may want to look for a washing machine pedestal that compliments the décor of your laundry room if style is important to you. Many people like the pedestal to match the color of their washing machine, while other people choose a contrasting color. Some like to have a pedestal made from wood.

Rather than purchasing a pre-fabricated washing machine pedestal, some people like to make their own. Making your own pedestal may be the least expensive option, but it takes time and physical labor to accomplish. Your design must include a way to attach the pedestal to the washing machine. It is unsafe to simply set the machine on the pedestal because of the vibrations that occur during the washer’s operation. If you or someone you know has the necessary knowledge and tools to build a washing machine pedestal, it may be an option worth pursuing.


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Post 2

@heavanet- Making a homemade washing machine pedestal is not that difficult, but you will need a friend or two to help. The hard part is lifting the machine onto the materials that you are using for the pedestal.

As far as the material for your homemade pedestal is concerned, thick, wooden boards work well. You will have to do some measuring to make sure you get the right height, but putting the boards together is not too difficult.

Post 1

Has anyone ever tried making their own washing machine pedestal? It sounds like a great way to save money while getting a pedestal that is customized just for your height needs.

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