How do I Choose the Best Votive Chandelier?

Mary Ellen Popolo

When choosing a votive chandelier, you must select the type of votive cups it displays and the amount of money you want to spend. Also think about the function of the chandelier for the room it will be used in. Votive chandeliers provide light by means of lit candles, but they might not provide enough light for tasks such as crafts, reading, or cooking.

It's important to consider what kind of candles will be used when choosing a votive chandelier.
It's important to consider what kind of candles will be used when choosing a votive chandelier.

A votive chandelier differs from an ordinary chandelier in that it uses votive candles to provide light rather than electric light bulbs. On a votive chandelier, votive or tea light candles are placed into votive cups in the arms of the lighting fixture. Votive chandeliers are not common as a primary lighting source, but they can make a nice decorative accent for a room.

The main body of the chandelier comes in various finishes and can be made of a variety of different materials, including bronze, wrought iron, brass, and pewter. Determine which you like best and which will complement your existing decor. Decide how many arms and votive cups you want the chandelier to have.

Once you have chosen a basic style for the votive chandelier, choose the decorative details, such as the size, style, and color of the votive cups. Since votive cups are permanently attached to the chandelier, the size may be predetermined by the type of fixture you choose, as some cups may be too big or too small to be properly secured on the chandelier. Votive cups come in several colors and can be clear, opaque, or frosted. Ceramic styles may also be available.

If you are concerned about the price, set a budget and shop only within your price range. To help stay within budget, look for a lighting fixture that comes complete with all the necessary parts, and has all of the features you want. For instance, if you do not like the votive cups that come with the fixture you have selected, choosing different votive cups will most likely be an additional charge.

Most lighting fixtures will come with the necessary mounting or hanging hardware. Since a votive chandelier does not require an electrical connection, you will not need to pay a licensed electrician to install it. Keep in mind that once it is suspended from the ceiling, you will need to be able to reach the candles in order to light it and blow out the candles. If a chandelier is hung too high, it will also be difficult clean the chandelier.

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