How Do I Choose the Best Volumizing Hair Spray?

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Volumizing hair spray is a common way to add body to fine and limp hair. With all of the volumizing products available on the market, it may seem an overwhelming task to locate the best versions. Hair spray is often preferred over gels and mousses for the lighter feel and texture that they create. Not only should a volume spray work effectively, but it should not make the hair sticky or oily. The best sprays are defined by quality ingredients, and not necessarily by price.

Hair sprays come in a variety of different versions, as well as with various ingredients. Aerosol cans are generally preferred, because they can expel the product in a way that is not intended to add bulk to the hair. At the same time, certain brands of volumizing hair sprays work just as well as aerosols. Quality products often contain natural extracts and ingredients that help to soften the hair, which is a much needed benefit to relieve your locks from the styling tools and products that you use on a regular basis.


Choosing the best volumizing hair spray can sometimes be a process of trial and error. Hair salon products are generally more expensive, and they sometimes work just as effectively, or even less so than those sold at retail stores. Once you have decided your budget and what type of product you prefer, it is time to compare ingredient lists. Consider purchasing a smaller bottle of the product so that you do not waste money on a large size that you may not potentially use again.

One downside to certain types of volumizing hair sprays is that they have so many ingredients that they can actually weigh down the hair after a while, which is the exact opposite effect that you want to achieve. Alcohol is a common ingredient in hair sprays, but it has drying agents that can leave your hair looking dull. Choose a spray that has the least alcohol content, especially if your hair is particularly dry to begin with.

Using volumizing hair spray might not be enough to add volume to your hair if you do not use the proper preparations and tools. Particularly flat hair benefits immensely from washing with volumizing shampoos and conditioners to start. When blow drying the hair, ensure that you use a round brush to maximize body and create waves, if desired. Teasing combs work better than wide-tooth versions when you finish using any heated tools.

Removing a volumizing hair spray should be as simple as washing your hair. If you find that you need to shampoo multiple times, then this may not be the best product for you. Shampooing more than once can dry out your hair and even potentially flatten fine locks. Consider using dry shampoo spray if you want to touch up your locks in between washes. This will save you time, but will also decrease the drying effects of over-styling your hair.


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