How Do I Choose the Best Voice over Program?

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Choosing the best voice over program requires thinking about how much you are willing to invest in training as well as what resources the program itself is offering. For many people, a voice over program that teaches basic skills will not be sufficient, and networking must be a major part of the program's offerings. People who merely wish to refine their voice acting skills are often served well by acting classes, voice lessons, and other programs that do not directly relate to the business of voice acting. On the other hand, people who wish to become professional voice actors often benefit from learning not only vocal talents but also the technical and business aspects of this type of work.

Improving your vocal skills in general requires a good solid grounding in acting. This means that the best comprehensive voice over program should include acting lessons with additional focus on the voice. Many programs offer workshops with directors, which can be helpful because these professionals are often able to provide feedback similar to what you might get on a job. Learning to follow direction is also a major aspect of a voice over program, because while a person might be able to compellingly perform a role, being able to make changes to a performance on the spot is also very important.


A voice over program must provide opportunities to learn about the technologies used in voice overs. This is important because familiarity with equipment such as a microphone, recording procedures, and other technical aspects of this profession make it easier for a voice actor to interact with the equipment used. In addition to being comfortable with the equipment, practicing with recordings is important because a person's voice does not always sound the same when recorded as it does when speaking, and only by listening to recordings can a person become familiar with the way his or her voice sounds to others.

The best voice over program for a more advanced student with some experience in this field might be more specific than general voice acting tips. Working specifically on techniques for dialogue, narration, or advertising might be the subject of more advanced classes in a program. In many cases, advanced students look for programs taught by famous voice over actors who are often able to share interesting and unique ways of approaching this craft.

One of the most important things to look for in a voice acting program is the potential for networking. Getting jobs in this field can be very difficult, and making connections is important when starting out. Many programs advertise that they help students find jobs, but seeing actual results is important when choosing the best program. Looking into the success of former students is a great way to make sure the program is reputable.


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