How do I Choose the Best Vitamin C Gel?

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When choosing a vitamin C gel, it is important to choose a product that will deliver a good dose of vitamin C to the skin while also working with the user's skin type and meeting the user's needs. It is important to identify skin type before applying a product like vitamin C gel to the face. Dry skin, for example, may require a gentler product whereas skin that shows many signs of aging may need a more intensive product. Women who plan to use vitamin C gel on a daily basis should also look for a product that can be worn under makeup. Anyone who plans to use a moisturizer in addition to the gel may want to purchase the vitamin C gel and the moisturizer from the same product line.

It always makes good sense to read a few customer reviews before purchasing a skin care product, especially if that product is rather expensive. There are a number of websites that allow customers to post their reviews of skin care products and beauty products, including vitamin C gel. This is a good way to find out if a product lives up to all of its claims and which products are most effective for certain skin issues. One vitamin C gel, for example, may be much better at brightening one's overall complexion while another is better at targeting dark spots on the skin.


Someone who is looking for dramatic results might want to choose a vitamin C gel mask instead of plain vitamin C gel. This kind of mask usually includes a very high concentration of vitamin C. This means that the benefits of the ingredients may be more visible with the regular use of this product. Someone who is looking to maximize the skin care benefits of vitamin C might use vitamin C gel on a daily basis and a vitamin C gel mask on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Another great way to find a good skin care gel is to ask a trained aesthetician. In many cases, the aesthetician will recommend products that the spa where she works carries. These are likely to be more expensive than many of the skin care products on the market, but it is always possible to ask for samples to see if they are worth it.


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