How do I Choose the Best Vitamin C Cream?

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In order to choose the best vitamin C cream, it is important to assess all of one's skin needs and then find a cream that can match those needs. It is also important to consider what part of the body will be treated with the cream. There are creams made with vitamin C for the face, for the eye area in particular, for the body, and for the hands. Once a particular area of the body has been chosen for treatment, the skin in that area can be assessed for its specific needs. The hands may need extra hydration to remedy dryness, while the face may need a cream that can help to firm the skin and reduce the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

Once one's skin needs have been assessed, it is important to find a cream that can address those needs while also delivering a good dose of vitamin C. One of the best ways to find an effective vitamin C cream is to read customer reviews. These reviews can be found on websites dedicated to skin care and beauty issues. Another good way is to look for vitamin C cream recommendations in magazines that have respected beauty editors.


Everyone's skin is slightly different and will response to beauty products in different ways. Once a few good vitamin C cream options have been discovered, it is time to test them all. Buy the smallest sizes of these creams and then test them against each other.

A vitamin C cream for the hands can be tested by using two different creams, one on each hand. After two weeks to a month of using the products, assess the skin on the hands to see if there is a visible difference. The same can be done for vitamin C creams for the body. Test two products against each other by applying one to each hand or each arm.

It is not recommended to use this same method on the face as it can cause unevenness that may look unattractive. Instead, use one vitamin C cream for two weeks and then switch to another. Be sure to give each product at least two weeks to begin to work, but discontinue use immediately if any adverse effects are experienced. This process can be used for vitamin C cream that is intended for the entire face and neck as well as vitamin C cream that is intended just for the under eye region.


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