How Do I Choose the Best Vinyl Dumbbells?

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Dumbbells are a versatile exercise tool, and almost every fitness goal can be achieved by properly using one. Vinyl dumbbells offer several advantages over other types. The best ones will be well made, fit your budget, and meet your specific needs. They will also be in the correct weight range for your fitness goals.

Vinyl dumbbells are usually better suited for a home fitness room than iron or chrome types because they are less likely to scuff floors and walls. They are also non-slip, so there is less chance of accidentally dropping one, which can cause damage to the floor and injury to you. They are often color coded so that you know what weight you will be picking up just by looking.

The price of vinyl dumbbells is generally related to their weight. The heavier the dumbbell, the more expensive it is. Purchased new, a set of vinyl dumbbells can cost hundreds of dollars. You may, however, be able to find a good used set of dumbbells through classified ads or Internet auctions. The weight of the dumbbells makes them very expensive to ship, so try to buy yours locally.


If it is possible, see the actual dumbbells, not just a picture, before you buy. If they come in a fixed set, meaning that the weight is not adjustable, check the vinyl for splitting and cracking. It should be smooth and taunt around the weight. Make sure that adjustable weights have all the pins and additional weight rings. Check to make sure the bolts are not rusty or corroded.

You should also test the dumbbells by doing a few sets in various positions. Do a simple bicep curl standing and sitting. Check to make sure the grip is comfortable and secure while you are lifting. If the weight is not comfortable, keep shopping. You will probably not use dumbbells that cause discomfort.

One of the most common mistakes when purchasing dumbbells is to buy the wrong weight range. If the vinyl dumbbells are too light, you will not achieve your strength training goals, even with multiple sets of repetitions. Dumbbells that are too heavy may cause you to injure to yourself. The best method of finding the right weight range for you is to visit a gym — often free with a one day guest pass — and consult a professional trainer. He or she will test you at various weight levels to find the optimum weight range for you.


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